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FLAC Bitrates?

Discussion in 'Music' started by state of trance, Dec 27, 2015.
  1. State Of Trance
    Ripping to FLAC for the first time today. According to Foobar2000, the bitrates are different from the same tracks on CD. Some drop from 1411 to 630 kbps.
    As I said I'm new. Is this a problem? Why wouldn't the Bitrate be the same? So does that mean these files aren't CD quality? It's supposed ti be lossless, right? Thanks for bearing with my noob-iness.
    Also, I followed this guide, so my settings are similar to what's in the video.
    EDIT: Snooped around a bit. Apparently FLAC files are supposed to have lower Bitrates? My head hurts, I was living in a simple world where higher was better. So I'm still a tad confused.
  2. oAmadeuso
    It's because whilst still being lossless the bitrate is variable.
    Doesn't always take the same amount of data to describe the music.
    Helps if you think of it in image terms.
    Take 10 photos of your camera phone, all will be the same amount of pixels but won't all be the same size.
    It's because the jpg compression system needs a lot less bits to describe a simple scene with low contrast than a complex scene with high contrast.
    Same with flacs.

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