Fixup's Super Mini Upgrade
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Sep 4, 2002
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Sep 4, 2002
I just got my Super Mini amp upgraded by Fixup. Feedback loops are added. The claim is that now the amp sounds more like a META42.

Well, I have a JMT META42 and how does it fare?

In a nutshell very well.

Before the upgrade, the Super Mini was already good. It has been described as "punchy", but perhaps a bit harsh. Prior to the upgrade this was my take on it as well. The bass notes were quick, but harsh. In fact it seems that prolonged listening to the amp might make one prone to getting a headache. The soundstage seemed a bit narrow, and I felt like I wanted a bit more midrange. If I switched to the JMT META42, the sound was smoother and more refined - "like butter"

Well, I just got the upgraded Super Mini in the mail today, and it's great. The soundstage is wider and much of the harshness is gone. I'm not going to say that the sound is as good as the META42, but the character is very similar.

I don't have much experience with many other amps, but must say I'm impressed with the super mini. I did own an Airhead amp and the super mini provides greater separation, quicker and more solid bass, and wider soundstage. The sound really comes very close to the META42.

By the way I'm using my Ety ER-4P with P>S adapter by fixup and fixup's replacement cable. I also use my Grado SR80s and the amp drives both very well.

Also for reference my JMT META42 has:
1. Pac Tec Case 5x5x1
2. AD843KN op amp
3. Elna Cerafine PS caps
4. Alps Blue pot
5. Cardas Silver/rhodium RCA jacks
6. DC line for wall wart.
7. 2 x 9v battery for portable power
8. Neutrik locking 1/4” jack
9. Stacked output buffers

I'll never give up my JMT META42, but for portable listening:
ipod 20GB, fixup super mini, ety er4p/s, all in a headroom ipod bag and I'm in portable heaven.

By the way, check out the picture of the two amps.

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