Fix Little Bear P7 or return?

  1. Protek67
    I have a little bear P7 pure tube headphone amp and absolutely loved using it, however the female power connector is extremely flimsy and it cut's out easily. I'm just not sure if fixing it would be a smart move or not. I am competent enough to replace the connector (severely flawed by design) but don't know enough about the quality of the amp over all. If they went with such a cheap power connector, what should I expect they did with everything else?

    Just looking for some input here, I feel like I am turning my nose down on something that could be amazing with a simple solder job.
  2. Protek67
    Yeah, I'm keeping it without a doubt. Today I printed the return label and before boxing it up I just had to give it one more listening session and I'm not to far into that session and there is no way I'm returning it. I'll just find a stable spot for it and make sure the power cable is properly secured.

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