First Look / Review: Blue Ever Blue (BeB) 878 & 1001
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Aug 10, 2011
**I would like the thank BeB for providing examples of both the 1001 & 878 for review.**

First I will start off with the [COLOR=800000]878:[/COLOR]


Type: Closed, dynamic

Driver Units: 10 mm neodymium magnet

Maximum Input Power: 10mW

Frequency Response: 20 - 20 KHZ

Earphone Impedance: 18 ohm

Earphone Sensitivity: 105+/- 3 dB/mW

Cable: TPE cable length: Approx. 1.2M

Plug: Gold plating 3.5mm plug

Housing: Aluminum

When it says housing is Aluminum, it means the whole thing, right down to the cord cover.  I would not be surprised that these could be run over by a car and still work just fine.  They are that tough.

The toughness does not stop at the housing, the whole earphone is over-built to be strong.  As shown on the thick strain reliefs on the gold plated 3.5mm plug.

The attention to build keeps going through to the metal filters.

I guess BeB figured after off that solid construction that they could just use a little flimsy bag to protect them.

Finally onto the sound.

Isolation is good.  The 878 are fully closed, I do not even see an air vent of any kind.  The lack of air flow can cause a little bit of driver flex though.

Soundstage is slightly smaller, which also seems to contribute to the condensed feeling of the instrument separation.

Sound for the 878 has a warm U signature.  Lows and highs a little more pronounced.  This by no means the mids are overly recessed, vocals still come through loud and clear.  Bass is controlled, I never feel it creeps into the mids.  Treble is rolled off a slight bit early, which helps them to be worn for longer without fatigue. 

The 878 is easy to drive with any device, and produces little to no noise.

Overall, these are tough, controlled, warm and fun earphones.  

BeB has told me that the price of the 878 will be dropped down to $79 soon.

Now, onto BeB's current flagship, the [COLOR=0000FF]1001[/COLOR]:


Driver units: 8mm

Maximum Input Power: 10mW

Frequency Response: 16-20 khz

Earphone Impedance: 16 ohm

Earphone Sensitivity: 105 +/- 3 dB/mW

Cable: flat cable, length approx.: 1.2M

Plug: 3.5mm plug

Housing: metal housing

Like its younger brother the 878, the 1001 is over-built and tough.  Strain reliefs everywhere.  

The 1001 does come with a better case for transporting them than the 878.

Quality continues inside the 1001, with thick metal filters.

Onto the sound.

These are clearly a step up from the 878.  The 1001 has a much more neutral sound with no range being pushed more than another. 

Soundstage is also smaller.  Like the 878 this might be do to the fact that I can not find any air vents.  The lack of air flow does create good isolation, but unfortunately does cause quite a bit of driver flex when placing them into your ear.  Instrument separation is also a step up from the 878, allowing a better range of sound.

The signature can be describe as slightly cold and focused on accuracy.  The goal of the 1001 seems to be one of pushing as much detail as possible instead of following the popular mainstream warm/bassy sound.  While the 1001 does succeed with a neutral representation of music, it can come out almost mechanical at times.

Again, like the 878 the 1001 is very easy to drive with very little noise.  

Overall, the 1001 is a good, well built earphone.  These have a premium look and feel.  That high-end feel continues into the refined sound signature.

BeB has told me that the price of the 878 will be dropped down to $109 in the very near future.

[Graphical depiction of HDSS earphones]:  Click for [COLOR=800000]PDF[/COLOR]

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Apr 12, 2012
Hi BloodyPenguin,
Good to see you here (other than the earbuds threads).
I only want to ask about eartips. Have you ever try it with spinfit tips, AKG tips, Ortofon tips or maybe comply foam T500/T400? I ask because I want to know the bore-measurement.
I like the sound-quality of BEB 828R (earbuds), I'm thinking to buy this (878) iem and try it out. Because I can't find 1001 seller in my country.
Thank you.

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