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Finding the best IEMs under $100

  1. njsdante
    I'm ipod(touch 3G) user and amature to the audiophile world.
    I brought my ipod a year ago and didn't satisfied with the performance of the stock earbud.
    So i buy a Denon AH-C360 it's cost me $49.Sound quality of them is better than the stock one but cable is too short and tangle prone.
    I lost it now and need to buy new one instead of it.I like some bassy and warm sound.Comfort and durability is a must.
  2. kiteki
  3. njsdante
    thanks for the advices..
  4. kiteki
    If you like "bassy and warm sound and durability is a must" then that's where the A-Jays are teriffic, very high durabilty, not only the cable and housing but I burnt in my A-Jays Three on max volume for days and I think they just got happier from it. =) And they have great bass, it's really hard to find good bass in cheap IEM's trust me, most of the "bassy" ones have no control in the bass, it's just woofing all over the place.
  5. njsdante
    What is the difference in SQ between  a-jays three and four.Four got and remote and mic which are compatible with my itouch.And not have price difference if they two have equal SQ, i have to choose a-jays four coz of offering remote and mic.But SQ is my main concern.
  6. kiteki
    I only listened to the A-Jays One, Two and Three, so I can't tell you, but I'm sure it says somewhere which driver Four uses.
  7. kiteki
    OK, I looked it up.
    A-Jays One --- Dynamic speaker
    A-Jays Two --- Custom speaker
    A-Jays Three --- TCD speaker
    A-Jays Four --- Dynamic speaker
    I found A-Jays One quite lacking, no point listening to them, I only became fascinated with Two and Three.
  8. kiteki
    Lol, it's not fair to compare amazon reviews when there's only a small handful.
    On the A-Jays Three there were two reviews, one negative coz he said "they hurt his pinna" whatever that means, and the second one says this:
    "I especially like the punctuated sound of the bass - it doen't bleed on and get mushy like other speakers are want to do. The exaggerated bass of electronica and rap is well defined and highlighted on these."
    Yup, that is right, he explained it well, the best bass you'll find in a $50 IEM I think, and durability.
  9. kiteki
    realvoices huh? I haven't heard of them, but the pictures of them in your review looked intruiging to me =)
    How many IEM's have you compared the realvoices to?
    I agree the A-Jays one/four aren't what he is after, there was a high jump in sound quality from the ones' to the two's.
    There is a lot under $100 and it's difficult for anyone to decide, I don't think a few amazon reviews here and there are a good indicator, but sometimes they are very good and amusing, like the "musician of 20 years" that bought an RE0 and said it was a painful injection of sound.
  10. njsdante
    Denon AH-C560R, Klipsch S4i are also compatible with itouch and also have positive reviews.
    Which one is the better?
    I don't wanna get regret..
    Need some more advice...
  11. murano
    +1 on the Spider RealVoice if you live in the US.
    If they don't have enough bass for you, try using real Sony Hybrid tips.  If they still don't have enough bass for you, just return them within the 30 day trail period.
  12. njsdante
    Finally.. I choose d-Jays and buy it.
    Never experience a micro amature.
    So i try to test this one.
    It's cost me around $100.
  13. kiteki


    Great choice! Have fun =]
    The driver in the d-Jays is the same as in the CK10, DBA-02 and one or two other high-end IEM's.

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