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Finding expensive suits in thrift stores

  1. Spareribs
    I heard that a guy found a $5000 suit at thrift store for around $80. This made me think that I probably should visit thrift stores again more often.

    In my estimation, I do think it is possible to find a really good suit in mint condition for a cheap price. I remember 2 years ago, I bought a nice Brooks Brothers blazer in perfect condition for only $10 at a thrift store in Philadelphia. I was kind of shocked.

    My theory is that there are guys who end up donating their suits to the thrift stores because they got too fat or just simply don't need it anymore and the suits are in perfect condition because maybe only it was worn once for that event.

    I actually don't own a suit but I may need one in the future. Ya never know. So yeah, it's not a bad idea to check out a thrift store a little more often. I could find that nice $800 suit for the price of a dinner.
  2. wuwhere Contributor
    I wish I can find $5000 cash in a suit worth $20 that I bought for $80. [​IMG]
  3. Spareribs
    And if I were to get a suit, it would have to be a black suit with black tie and dark sunglasses. That is the ultimate way to wear a suit.

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