Finally bought an amp, what else do I need?
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I find it surprising you say a CMOY improved the signal from a zune, the ZUNE is very well regarded around here and the IEMs you mention are VERY efficient. but couldnt you just use an inline attenuator if all you needed was volume control??

Hmm. I didn't think about the inline attenuator, but I like a good old fashioned analog knob the best for volume control. It wouldn'tve cleaned up the signal though. My cmoy also helped out my laptop a great deal. Its headphone out was really yucky, but it sounds alot like my Zune when both are amped.


but you asked for improveme1nt in the thread title, so thats what people recommended.

Indeed. Maybe I should set a price limit before asking any more questions
. When I get some more money, I'll probably buy a $25 interconnect off ebay and I found a set of 2 250 MAH 9V batteries with charger for $20. Looks like the 9Vs will take almost a whole day to charge though, but it's a good price. The interconnect I have doesn't seem to be picking up any unwanted noise or hurting my SQ, but a shorter cable with better SQ would be nice ($25 limit for now).

Does my amp need to be broken in? If so, I've got no problem working on that. How many hours (approximately)?

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