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FINALLY, a signal processing app (includes EQ) for your OS's audio output (Windows and Mac)!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Apr 15, 2013.
  1. RPGWiZaRD
    Wow, if only this feature was added to foobar2000 so I could use my carefully tweaked custom foobar2000 dolby headphone config (with HRTF & EQ compensation adjustments) I'd be in heaven, I'd just love to be able to play games with that config! Probably the nicest and most natural virtual surround sound one could possibly enjoy.
  2. StudioSound
    Media Center has its own headphone plugin (though I think it is crossfeed rather than HRTF) very advanced EQ, and has VST support that lets you use other HRTF plugins such as Redline Monitor, bs2b, or TB Isone.

    I don't know what latency is like when using this though, and I don't think Dolby Headphone is supported. (but Dolby Headphone sounds awful to me - it just adds a ton of reverb and sounds like you're in an empty room)
  3. dbbloke
    When I use headphones (HD-681 which have amazingly low bass but annoying treble) and other non-critical listening I use:
    Foobar - VST wrapper for foobar, Electri-Q
    I know you can get DIRAC but it seems expensive, maybe it's worth it? Let me know if you can try the eval, my main hifi setup is in storage still along with all the calibrated measurement microphones.
    Of course there is REW which is mostly for Subs but I could be wrong.
    Then there is the behringer gear, which you can mod to makr it sound pretty decent - see lampizator site etc.. dcx2496, deq2496, fbq...
    There is another windows solution out there, I can think for now what its called.
  4. homerofgods
    It says on Hear homepage that it's incompatible with Windows 10. I'm having problems getting it to work so maybe that's why :s

    I did get it to work a short while and the bass boost for my Stax headset was just incredible, I don't want to live without Hear so I have to figure out a way to make it work.
    I'm using Asynchronous USB to connect to a DAC that's again connected to the stax amplifyer. I'm gonna try connecting with S/PDIF
  5. Lunatique
    Now J River's Media Center also offers this capability. You can use its ability to host plugins and then route your audio through it using its audio driver in your OS. I can now watch web videos and movies with perfectly corrected sound using Media Center (I'm using IK Multimedia ARC 2 plugin to correct my speakers/room, and for headphones using Tonebooster's Isone for natural sounding crossfeed/HRTF that sounds like speakers in front of you, as well as headphone correction/EQ). This is the most elegant and best sounding option currently available.
  6. homerofgods
    I did not find it possible to use Hear as a plugin for JRiver Media Center, but I guess you ment that the Media Center has it's own calibrations and possible plugins that I can use instead.
    I played around with various settings and the sound is much improved now :) So thx! Still, I think the bass in hear equalizer was extremely good, but I will be exploring the possibilities in Media Center
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  7. homerofgods
    How do I install EasyQ_v11.04 as a plugin? do I need the 32' version of JRiver?

    I'm considering Tonebooster pack too :)

    Do you or anyone else have a recommandation for gaming specific drivers? I guess I don't want crosstalk if I want to hear where the sounds are comming from
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  8. Lunatique
    If the plugin you're using doesn't have a 64 bit version, then you'll need to use the 32 bit version of Media Center--or that's how it used to be. I don't know if J River has changed that.
  9. aerospace33
    Is there an equivalent software to Tonebooster's Isone since that is unavailable now? Or likewise, is there anywhere that it can still be found?
  10. Lunatique
  11. Lunatique
    I emailed Jeroen and this was his reply:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks much for reaching out! Isone is still available. In fact isone v3 is now bundled with some other high quality plugins on the bustools 3 bundle:


    Thanks again for your amazing support on the headfi forum!


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