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FiiO X5 iTunes Sync

Discussion in 'Music' started by nandoo89, Dec 2, 2014.
  1. nandoo89

    Title: FiiO X5 iTunes Sync
    Language: English
    File Type: ZIP
    Part: 1
    Size: 18 MB
    Hoster: uploaded.net

    - Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    - iTunes
    - FiiO X5 player (or any other MP3 Player,
    cell phone or removable storage devices)

    - 1-click autosync with iTunes for non-Apple devices
    - Multiple playlist syncing
    - Splitting iTunes library to different drives
    - Multiple sync profiles (by multiple installation)
    - Custom sync destinations
    - FiiO X5 presets
    - Open source
    - Based on iTunes Export & FreeFileSync,
    inspired by Dapper

    [​IMG] uploaded.net :musical_note:
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
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  2. precisionmike
    Has anyone tried this?  Feedback?
  3. nandoo89

    Well, it's open source and quite simple... Apart from that I can only advise you to try trusting...;P
  4. Tungil
    Did I get it right, that the program "only" manages mp3-files? What about Apple Losless (m4a)?
  5. hogger129
    I'm curious about this too.  Up until a few months ago, I was using Sandisk Media Manager which would allow me to sync songs to my microSD card.  Well, apparently they stopped supporting it after a bunch of updates by Windows 7 that broke it.  I tried to get support but they said it was a legacy product and wouldn't help.  It doesn't work on Windows 8.1 even if I run it in Compatibility Mode.  So I'm looking for something that will do this as well.  That way I can just pick individual songs I want instead of my whole library.
    I am assuming this requires iTunes to work?
  6. nandoo89
    Hi there, 

    @Tungil: It manages every file you can add to your iTunes library, you just have to add the extension of your file type in the Settings ("Regarded Files") like [*.mp3,*.m4a,*.etc], see the tooltips. :wink:
    @hogger129: Yes, actually it's for iTunes libraries only so you need iTunes, ty for that. If you just want to sync a directory to a device you could use FreeFileSync vanilla. The great thing abt this is the export of the iTunes playlist files to m3u playlists while automatically arragning everything on ur device so you can manage your whole library using iTunes only and copy everything by the click of a button. :wink:
    @all: Don't use special signs in your Windows username, that will cause problems. You can search the internet for how to change existing user folder's names while keeping the special signs in your username displayed.
  7. Travis Kempf
    Download link doesn't work.
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  8. neonfrog
    Updated link?
  9. nandoo89

    Yep. :wink: Cheerz
  10. eric0531

    Media Monkey (free version) works well syncing with my X1, I'm sure it would work with the X5. And it supports a wide variety of file types.
  11. hogger129
    Thanks for your comment.  I decided to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 and found that WMP can now read my FLAC files as well as my AAC files natively.  I ended up getting a USB adapter for my microSD card and then use Windows Media Player's sync feature to sync all my songs.  I was using Sandisk's free syncing program until it quit working and they refused to support it.  But now WMP is doing everything I need.
  12. kevin1911
    Thanks to Nandoo89 for this. I've been searching for weeks for something that will help me sync to my iBasso DX80. I'm astonished that none of these companies have created their own software to do this.
    The tool looks really good, although being a bit OCD I'd prefer if I could just split the folders between the two cards either alphabetically (e.g. A-N on card 1, O-Z on card 2). or using a sliding scale (I have a 200GB card and a 128Gb card, so probably don't want a 50/50 split.
    Thanks for sharing!
  13. nandoo89
    Thx, u r welcome. U actually can get any split ratio using the size division though, even if I totally agree there could be handier ways. ;P
    If u want a split ratio of say 200/128 u can just search for the according average split size that divides ur individual music collection into these proportions using linear regression for example:
    1) First u choose any start value (say 8MB).
    2) Note the resulting total distribution sizes to calculate the ratio and then choose any other and do the same for it.
    3) Comparing the two ratios u got now u can choose a third size where u'd expect a better value to get from. So if the first size (i.e. 8MB) was 50/50 (=1) and the second size (say 7MB) 60/40 (=1.5) u could try sth like (6.9MB) which results in another ratio and depending on the size of that ratio u might choose another value again if it's not good enough yet, in between or close to the values u know already, until u got close enough to the value u want (~1.56). Only thing u have to keep in mind is the ratio changes with the size distribution of ur titles. The bigger ur collection is the less the ratio will change though. But this is a way long story for a rather short thing. These changes won't be huge anymore anyway.
    There's a description in the Readme of how to do that exactly for a 50/50 ratio using the program, just in case. :wink:
  14. Cazzman
    Hi Nandoo,
    Just bought a Fiio player, and was wondering if you could take a look at the link, it appears to be broken again.
    Thanks in advance
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  15. nandoo89
    To the owners of the newer Android models, the absolute sd card paths (prefixes) for the playlists have been added to the corresponding tooltips.

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