Fiio X1 VS X3II?
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Feb 13, 2012
Hi, has any one tried Fiio X1 and X3II? What are the sound differences and would it be worth the money to spend 120€ more for the X3? I currently use Ultrasone Pro 900 and outside I use shrue 215 with Fiio Cable.
I tried avoiding making a new thread, but no one gave an answer in the X3 thread and I am having really hard time deciding which to get. I read some impressions on google, but I'd like to get more if people can give.
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The sound is slightly cleaner with the X3ii when using the headphone out- with the line out they seem almost the same to me.. It depends what you are using the DAP for.  If you don't need digital out, a separate line out, a stronger headphone amp or DSD decoding I would save your money and get a X1.

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