Fiio X1 vs Fio X3ii
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Dec 13, 2015
Hi Guys im wondering if I should upgrade to the Fiio X3ii or possible the fiio x5ii. I Realize that the fiio x1ii now has Bluetooth but this does not really appeal to me since im fine with just plugging in the line out and it sounds decent in my truck with stock alpine (dodge). Anyways my current line up is the following
O2 amp for desktop with fiio Q1 as the DAC, pared with sennheiser 598's
Portable: Tackstar Pro 80's or my go to IEM's 1More dual Hybrid's...I have a bunch of other in ear monitors but the 1 MORE headphones sound the best with the best soundstage...very impressed with these. I usually stack the x1 with the q1 when I can
Gym: I typically don't use the q1 and typically just use my 1more IEMS with just the x1, since they were pretty cheap anyways and they sound amazing.
In my living room I have a harmon karden setup to my media server VIA DLNA, so no use for Bluetooth.
What do you guys think is the x3ii worth spending the money over the X1+Q1 stack? Or should I wait to purchase the X5ii? From the reviews I read the x3ii is hardly better than the x1 in terms of sound quality, but it offers the coax line out and DAC neither of which I need.

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