FiiO Releases the New Firmware FW1.2.1 for X5 3rd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Mar 11, 2017.
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  1. FiiO
    Theoretically, yes. But we didn't test the device you mentioned, sorry.
    Best regards
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  2. AudioTransit9213
    I'm not sure if anyone else else has had this problem, but I recently decided to try out Google music because it allows me to combine all my streaming library and alac/flac library in one place on a dap. One problem tho on the x5iii. For some reason Google music can see my SD card and shows 108gb free space, but won't download anything because it says "not enough space". I think it is trying to save to system storage. Is there any way around this? Tidal doesn't do this, only Google music.
  3. FiiO

    We are trying to contact Google music and report to our engineers about this. Not sure what leads to the problem but we would still try to solve this issue.
    Sorry if bringing inconvenience to you.

    Best regards
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  4. AudioTransit9213
    Thanks for the response. Yes, the problem is that on the x5iii the storage location option does not appear in the app. According to Google music this option should be available on android 4 something and higher. I have even tried reinstalling the app.
  5. AudioTransit9213
    If anyone is interested, Apple music is so far the only streaming service I've tried on the x5iii that isn't plagued with the skipping/stuttering issue. I've had it playing non-stop for roughly 3hrs straight now and not a single hiccup yet.
  6. buonassi
    skipping/glitching happens on the X7ii I can confirm, which has twice the ram, but the solution is to use 1 second of crosssfade. See if this doesn't alleviate tidal skipping. It did on my X5iii completely. I posted lots of settings on page 2 of this thread, and it turns out it was the crossfade (set to 1 sec) that kept it from skipping. I never heard the glitching again once I set it up as I did on page 2.

    Folks on the fiio forum have reported this 'crossfade' fix works for them (for the X7ii at least). Although one person makes claim to it affecting the sound quality in post #24- I'm not sure I buy into that assertion.

    I did a rather vigorous comparison with and without crossfade and I can't say I heard any difference despite having good hearing, very resolving IEMs and DAP. I'm one of those freaks who can hear slight differences in phase distortion/timing caused by different filter settings (in some instances), so if I can pick that out, I'd think I'd be able to tell if the crossfade setting made any darn difference.
  7. Pikapi
    I can't seem to upgrade to any newer FWs on my X5iii. It is currently on 1.1.7 and can't recognize that there's new FW when trying to update OTA. It claims that my version is the latest.

    I also can't download and install locally because I can't get a FW download off the Fiio website without it stalling halfway and never completing the download. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. misteral201103
    Hey there - whereabouts in the world are you? If no-one else does it before me, I am happy to upload the latest firmware to a filesharing space (Baidu Cloud or GDrive) - just let me know if you have unrestricted internet access (ie Google is not blocked) and I'll upload it for you. Probably not today though, it would be tomorrow night for me. As a guide, it's 3:30pm now where I am. So you'd have to wait something like 26 hours.
  9. Pikapi
    I live in Canada so either would be fine. I'm not in a rush so that's perfect. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it.
  10. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    May be can this download link help: Click here.

    Best regards
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  11. Pikapi
    Works perfectly! Thanks. Hopefully having a new firmware will fix the OTA updates as well.
  12. FiiO
    FW1.2.1 updated.
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  13. chaturanga
    Finally USB Out wow!

    I am not sure if it can power up my Meridian Explorer 2 with a single cable (I hope and pray) but at least I can use it with a powerbank.

    Thanks @FiiO
  14. illbegood73
    Still so many issues with this firmware!

    Gapless playback issue solved but all the other issues are still present and some of them are even worse and there are new issues with this firmware.

    1. Fiio Music is very slow and unstable! After OS boot it takes about 3 minutes to be ready!
    2. The issue when stopping a track now happens also with headphone output. Now the track stops and restarts, it doesn’t start from the beginning like before the upgrade, a bit better but still annoying!
    3. Very often playing a track, the display show the time, the progress bar works but no sound.
    4. Fiio Music restarts very often.
    5. If you pause a track, and after 1 minute you press play, the player plays a random track by another author, sometimes Fiio music restarts.
    6. Many gaps while playing tracks, particulary with HD tracks.
    7. Alphabetical order in authors, albums and in , better than the early versions but still not fully fixed.
    8. Alphabetical order in "scan for songs" doesn't work.
    9. Album list reposition: if I enter an album then i go back, the list doesn't reposition itself like it happens browsing authors.
    10. Alphabetical scrolling bar doesn't work in Author's albums view.

    The worst firmware ever!

    Thank you for my useless DAP!
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  15. TiborG
    It is a fact that USB audio output works, but not with Fio Music. Not sure correctly, the output is 48kHz. I have the USB output plugged into the FiiO X5 1gen and through the USB Audio Player absolutely no problem and plays bitperfect or correctly estimates the DAC FiiO X5 options and the preview at 176 kHz for. My AKG 712 has never played with such dynamics from X5 1gen ... FiiO F9 detto .. Also, DLNA playback does not make UAPP an absolute problem, but top performance gives GIZMO with JRiver Media Center.
    UAPP has its own built-in player for TIDAL, Qobuz and Google Music, internet radio, even directly playing from the shared directory on a PC - all just this one player. It looks like I'm advertising, but I do not care for those 5 Euros
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