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FiiO Q5s • Flagship Bluetooth DAC & AMP || Dual AK4493 DAC chips || Amplifier Module AM3E with 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output || USB/Bluetooth/SPDIF/Line Input

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. showme99
    I just checked this on my Q5. The bass boost, gain, and volume control are only applied to the headphone output. They have no effect on the line out.
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  2. TheoS53
    Thanks for checking it out for me. Ah that's a bit of a pity
  3. Hinomotocho
    Apologies if this sounds like a silly question, but is anyone able to please list the improvements or benefits of the Q5s over the Q5? I wanted the Q5 but the added cost to get 4.4mm pushed it over the top for me.
    Would anyone with the original consider upgrading?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  4. MidSmoothness
    Nope, keeping my Q5, it’s perfectly fine.
  5. Adityaseven7
    Could u share a link of the roadmap?
  6. TheoS53
    Sorry, I'm not at liberty to do that
  7. KopaneDePooj
    That's how line-out is supposed to work in any device: clean pre-amped output, nothing else.
  8. KopaneDePooj
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  9. Hinomotocho
    Thank you very much - based on the specs should there be an noticeable improvement in sound quality?
  10. TheoS53
    Usually, yes, but I wasn't sure if it has a preamp control. The Micro iDSD BL's bass boost and 3d effect works in lineout when it's in preamp mode...so I was just curious if the Q5 maybe had the same
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  11. KopaneDePooj
    You're welcome.
    When it comes to numbers and higher res codecs, that depends on ones ability to hear and especially imagine :)
    When it comes to the fact that it uses different DAC and AMP module, we'll have to wait and see some reviews / impressions. The sound signature can be slightly different, that doesn't mean better.
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  12. Adityaseven7
    Oh ok, np.
  13. Hinomotocho
    Sensible answer.
    I don't know much about specs, I was just being impatiently optimistic.
    I ended up with an ifi xDSD which sounds great but I have never gotten used to the odd controls - it reminds me of those movies where they get into the cockpit of an UFO.
    Also 4.4mm is a nice solid connection I have happily adopted and I would be happy to do away with the extra 3.5 TRRS adapter I have to use.
  14. KopaneDePooj
    He he, I'd say stay with your UFO :) it's a nice alien biscuit sandwich and I heard it sounds close to the Micro iDSD Black Label that I had the pleasure to listen to and I liked more than my Q5.
    The rest are details. But it's your money, if you're eager for a new toy, go for it :)
  15. Hinomotocho
    You represent the sensible voice I hear in one ear, while the other voice in the other ear leads me astray :alien:
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