Fiio M6 WIFI initial setup
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Oct 30, 2014
I updated the FW right out of the box. I tried to connect wifi with p/w and the M6 indicates that it is stuck in a perpetual "obtaining IP address" state. Yes, I am %100 certain of my p/w. Everything else connects to my router using the exact same p/w; PC, cellphone, FireTV, TV, PS4, android tablets, all with no issues.
BTW, my router is set on 2.4ghz.
User Friendly the M6 is not. Fiio, are you out there? This is sucking the fun right out of my M6 "experience".
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Well, I feel pretty dumb. It did not occur to me at first but eventually I unplugged the router and re-plugged it in and voila, it connects. Now my biggest issue with it is that Amazon Music HD will not work on it. I am told this is n issue that is on Amazon's end. Tidal is more money than I want to pay.

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