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FiiO M11PRO-FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.0.1 for M11PRO

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2019.
  1. FiiO
    The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.1 compared to the FW1.0.0 on M11PRO:

    1. Added In-vehicle mode (Settings -> General -> In-vehicle mode, if enabled, the player will power on/off automatically when vehicle engine starts/stops and the FiiO Music app can also switch accordingly);
    2. Added manual item sorting for playlists;
    3. Added 'screenshot by three-fingers swiping down' function;
    4. Added a new play mode: play single once;
    5. Added playback position and track remembering;
    6. Added a new method to enable volume adjustment by swiping up in FiiO Music Now Playing screen, and also improved the volume bar operation (now you'll need to drag on the volume bar to adjust the volume instead of just tapping as before, so to avoid misoperations);
    7. Fixed the issue where the playback would fail in the new version of Amazon Music;
    8.Fixed the issue where the player might power off automatically during audio playback if the power off timer is enabled;
    9. Improved the display of the FiiO Music background;
    10. Improved the display of the lockscreen album art;
    11. Improved the effect of the equalizer and fixed the random equalizer failure issue;
    12. Improved the All to DSD function and reduced its power consumption;
    13. Miscellaneous bug fixed.

    Please visit the M11PRO Firmware download page and download the M11PRO firmware FW1.0.1

    How to upgrade the M11PRO:

    The M11 PRO supports online upgrade. If a new firmware is available and detected (with the M11 PRO connected to Internet), you will find the update notification in the notification center. Then you can tap on it to enter the update menu for online upgrading.
    If there's no update notification found, you can open the "Technical Support" app, enter the "Firmware Update" menu, then tap the "Check for updates" icon to check manually.
    Also, the M11 PRO can be upgraded locally using firmware package: Download the firmware file from FiiO website then copy the firmware package file to the micro SD card; Open "Technical Support" app on the M11 PRO, enter the "Firmware Update" menu, and select the firmware package file to upgrade.
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  2. Dobrescu George

    I was actually closing in on writing my review on M11, and this firmware update makes things so much better for this little DAP! :)
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