Fiio FT5
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I have the FT5 for test a few days and I really like it with the Pleather pads. Only problem for me is earcups touching my ears a bit and that can hurt a bit after longer listening.
But for example the New Porcupine Tree live Album sounds so fun on these. The Bass is really really enjoyable. And the Tuning in mids and treble Makes it great for longer and louder listening without fatigue.
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Could you measure the cups inside: width, height and dept.
Thank you 🙏
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I trust Fiio quality above HiFiMan, so FT5 would be a welcome alternative to mid-fi HiFiMans :)

More tests / reviews needed, though :thinking:
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The earpads in my Audeze Maxwell for example are a bit bigger and my ears fit them well.
After some A/B comparisons I think that the Maxwell can sound pretty close to the FT5 with its builtin EQ. But I must say I changed my EQ for the Maxwell because of listening to the FT5 a lot. I quite like the tuning of the FT5.
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@marekm What do You want to know? From my perspective all I can say that FT5 simply outperforms Sundara which I also have in my possession but we must take into consideration that these two represent different sound providing approach. While Sundara is bright and by that more resolving, it tends to painfully sparkle in upper regions with accompany of sibilants and harshness when plugged into wrong gear - in my case it’s Fiio K7 because this type of planars are not comfortable with THX AAA DAC/AMPs. This places Sundara in the lore of headphones which are good in only specific genres and with specific devices. Which obviously is not so good thing.
FT5 on the other hand are more versatile thanks to their „relaxed” but still technical performance which can inform You by their timbre if they are compatible with the source (which in most cases IS compatible). This happened to me when I plugged them into Fiio K9 - sure, they became massive and bloody great than on K7 in terms of sound but still I was able to hear this clinical aerated hiss which is characteristic for Sabre DACs. This kind of tuning tells a lot about these headphones performance which makes them even more special.
My initial impressions were very surprising - even for myself because right after putting them on and started playing music I just… went with their flow. They didn’t wanted to serve another show-off type of sound with peaks and dips here and there. Instead they welcomed me with slightly dark but warm timbre which was completed with organic highs and natural presentation. That overall literally hugged me and made me experience my music library in this comfortable type of way. I must say that I was straight prepared for critical listening but ended up with simply enjoying what I hear.
And this also made me thinking… that I have already had VERY similar headphones for testing. Sure, they were not exactly FT5 but if I could just do a little play with the EQ… And this thought became even stronger and more clear when I switched velour pads to pleather ones - when the soundstage became brighter and richer in details.
A little more rounded bass with a pinch of a sub punch… a little more pushed forward midrange… and a little more air and definition in the upper region… and we have improved and organic Meze Lyric. Go on, You can crucify me - hell, I’m also not completely sure and I can’t wait to make this one-to-one comparison when Lyrics will be available again in my friend’s shop. But I’m in pure awe what Fiio managed to serve us for a fraction of costs which are usually spended for headphones reserved for those with more roomy wallets.
And when the revelation time passed I started to experiment… K9 as You have read above gave me massive and very impressive soundstage with great definition, K7 a little less but still enjoyable presentation… HipDac 2 on the other hand made them more energetic due to pushing the midrange forward but by the cost of slightly boosted soprano region which was immediately noticed by my ears and determined me in limiting listening to more „busy” songs. Fiio KA13 is waiting for it’s turn but I have a strange feeling that these will like each other due to this dongle’s neutral behavior.
… with all of mentioned above FT5 presented different face but in none of these specific situations I was in totally no-no state about what I hear. They are very forgiving and constant in terms of chosen source but depending from Your taste You will immediately notice if the sound is right for You - after all You can still finally tweak it by pad change in the end. For me AKM is the way - for relaxed, natural presentation and dynamics when You decide to listen to more fun songs. Burr-Brown could also do wonders but I think it will be possible with more advanced models.
I don’t know if my jibber-jabber was helpful or did I just added more coal to the hype train but… I’m totally sold by them. They just showed me that I don’t need always to have everything-in-my-face. Instead I received enjoyment from simple yet satisfactory rich and detailed sound. And I’m still experiencing it while discovering my favorite tracks once more.
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I don’t know if my jibber-jabber was helpful

It certainly was. Thank you :pray:

I will give them a listen at the earliest opportunity :)
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Glad to hear/read. :)
Lately I was in constant pursuit after „ideal” headphones and at some point I realized that I’m only chasing my own imaginary tail. I found some very interesting models but they were way out of my budget and sadly I was internally forced to give up on them. Some of them were within my reach but all in all I doubted if they’ll provide me satisfactory long-lasting enjoyment without intrusive thoughts about selling them after a while.
Fiio chose the right tuning path with these: open for everything what I threw at it, serving details without forced pin-point contrast accuracy but rather on terms of putting them in their natural environment where I can effortlessly find and enjoy them.

EDIT: ... So I'm listening them through Fiio KA13 (it's amazing that this little thing can fully drive them without any effort). And now I have totally linear response: lower end is very well controlled and - very big surprise - revealing the bass structure (the end part of Daft Punk's "Giorgio by Moroder") without pushing the midbass as they usually do with other DACs. Midrange is still little recessed (until the song won't allow to be more direct), mildly clear and rich in details without coloration while upper frequencies are a little more visible and with enough sparkle (Amy Whinehouse "Back to Black") but FT5 still manages to keep them at bay. Overall soundstage from elipsoid shape with pronounced stereo separation became more spherical and out-of-head type. Sound sources also still appear in natural manner without being overly exposed in specific places. Of course we are not talking here about expansive space with mindblowing resolution but it's enough to feel the depth while being intimate, cozy and on the other hand fully entertained ( Queen "Another One Bites the Dust").
God, why am I enjoying it so much?..
But there is one little downside - FT5 paired with KA13 in desktop mode emits mildly audible noise on higher volume in tracks with quiet sections. Nothing to worry about - for my taste it's even better. It gives to music a little analogue character :wink: On IEMs this noise is not present (or I just don't have enough sensitive earphones).
All in all I could recommend this dongle - even just for a bit of a change from time to time or just to try to see what these headphones are capable of in terms of neutral siganture. And also - cosidering it's price - it is an easy choice for other headphones and IEMs in the collection.
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Just ordered a set tonight. Supposed to take about ten days. FiiO US fills the order for

Looking forward to trying them out. :L3000:
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Got my set in tonight at 7:30PM. Looking forward to trying these out tomorrow.


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