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FiiO FH5 cable

  1. mkrzych
    Is it true that FH5 comes only with un-balanced 3.5mm cable? Is so, what do you recommend as the balanced 2.5mm jack cable for it in reasonable price tag? Thanks for suggestions in advance.
  2. mkrzych
  3. -ImageX
    No problem. It looks as if the cheaper 2.5B cable is out of stock from that seller. You may be able to find it in stock from other sellers though. Just make sure you “select” the correct size termination when ordering either of them as they come in 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4. I’d HIGHLY recommend the upgraded silver occ cable.... which is in stock.
  4. mkrzych
    I got response also from @PENON and they'd recommend their OS849 cable as well. Someone, possibly here stated that for N5iiS rather to look for pure OCC cable than silvered. It's weird that FH5 comes without balanced cable, isn't it?

    So far I have F9 with regular balanced cable, but would like to see if cable upgrade could help in some level, especially while going for 8 wire stranded one. For FH5 it's my plan to check them in the local store and see if significant difference in sound quality.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  5. mkrzych
    OK, I pulled the trigger for LC-2.5C.

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