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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. SeeD

    Yes- we all know this. The FiiO rep mentioned a week or two ago the the black version accommodates deeper insertion. Hence we want know how.
  2. sidecross
    This is an obvious problem fiio has between their design and and marketing departments. I am surprised that fiio announced changes here on this site, and have not followed up in their marketing being shown on amazon. 'Walking and chewing gum' seems to be a problem in evidence here. :)

    I would think any changes in nozzle length or body modification while keeping the exact same model name and number designation would cause too much confusion in the general market place.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  3. expatriot
    SeeD: I don't see it on Amazon? Link please.
  4. SeeD
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  5. TheoS53
  6. expatriot
    SeeD: Thank you,
  7. gazzington
    Are these good for black/death/doom metal or would the fa7 be better?
  8. Marco Angel
    to my taste, prog, black, death metal sounds great with my FH5 + ES100 in balanced. very enjoyable portable rig
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  9. Dobrescu George
    I haven't received FA7 yet, it is in shipping, but I can say that FH5 is very enjoyable with black / death / doom :)

    I will let you know how FH5 and FA7 compare for those music styles once FA7 gets here :)
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  10. gazzington
    I've been told fh5 may well be what I'm looking for. The other iems I've been rec'd are periodic be, flares pro 2, westone 30, flc technilogy, Sony n3. Maybe instead of going genre specific I should just go for what are the best iems for about £400. What would you recommend?
  11. bgtip
    If I have to describe FH5 with one word it would be bass. Even better you can change the sound completely with different eartips.
  12. expatriot
    You can not change the sound completely. That statement is dead wrong and misleading, Ear tips help you fine tune by taking the edge off treble with some silicone tips and even more with foam tips. you can change the sound much more by EQ..
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  13. expatriot
    gazzington: Can you pm me, I might be able to help you?
  14. rendyG
    Hey guys, new FH5 owner here.
    Lemme write some initial impressions and thoughts here :)
    So far I'm really impressed. Recently I was looking for over ear iem for commuting, mainly looking for better fit and isolation, because I was tired of constantly adjusting my favourite iems with straight cable.
    After trying many tips I realized the nozzle is really short so I made an O-ring spacer and its much better now.

    I really like the sound with my Megamini (although slight hiss is audible). Recently I've tried some of the better iems around - IT01, DM6 and XBA-N3AP - and to my surprise I liked the IT01 the most. But FH5 is a lot better for me personally, with its deep fast bass without any bleed to the mids, nice forward mids and not fatiguing treble. Well it doesn't have the lovely mids of my Evos, nor the amazingly clean and extended treble like N3, but I would say it is a great allrounder.
    One thing that amazes me the most is the separation/layering of FH5, something I expected from DM6 (being 5BA). If I could change one thing about its sound, I would like more treble extension, but I guess I can't have everything, right :D

    I'm using FH5 without a nozzle screen, didn't have a chance to hear whether it sounds better than with the mesh, but it certainly doesn't sound worse, right..
    When I saw the nozzle with 3 separated sound tubes and damper only in the tube for highs, I got an idea...
    Knowles dampers!
    Not sure if anyone tried it before, but you can tune the mids and highs separately with these dampers,
    almost like your FLC or LZ iems :)
    The smallest sound tube is for the lows, then there is one for highs - already fitted with a damper and finally the midrange tube, without any damper.
    Dampers for mids and highs can be easily changed. I will experiment with these, just because I like to tinker with stuff :D

    I've seen lot of reviews where people were kinda complaining about it's pronounced 2kHz region, which I actually like for vocals and guitars, but I understand you may not like forward mids.

    But hey! I think the 2k peak can be easily brought down with these easy mods. Expect some measurements soon. I can try green damper from my zs4xr project as well as the brown and red ones I have...
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  15. gLer
    Great write up! Interesting idea about those dampers - will they fit the FH5?

    Not that I feel the need for damping or tweaking or anything of the sort; I’ve just finished a straight two-hour chillout seasion with the M9, FH5 (balanced) and Dekoni Bulletz tips (which I’m testing and reviewing for Dekoni), listening to two full albums by Australian duo Angus and Julia Stone, and I’m completely in love with this setup and the Bulletz.

    Not only is the 2khz peak perfect for vocal clarity at lower volume listening, the separation and layering of sound is among the best I’ve heard with any IEM or over ear headphone for that matter. Completely and utterly engaging, relaxing and most important non fatiguing, all at the same time.

    And with the chosen music, I had real instruments, electronic effects and both male and female vocals across the spectrum, and the FH5 delivered them all superbly.

    I question - and eagerly await to see - how Fiio is going to try improve on this with the FH7.
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