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Fiio E7 hissing noise

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by kayrie, Sep 21, 2012.
  1. Kayrie
    Hello guys, I'm a new member to this forum. I ran into some trouble recently. I've purchased a second hand E7 DAC about a month or two ago, it looked new and sounded fantastic, I've also purchased an Onkyo TX-4500MKII receiver and used the DAC as source. Before I could fully enjoy this set up, I started getting this really nasty hiss. At first i thought it was my receiver since it was a vintage receiver, but i later found out the hiss was coming from the DAC. The hiss went away as i disconnect and reconnect my USB cable running from my computer to the DAC but comes back every once in a while. I was wondering what could've happened to my DAC? I don't really have money to replace the one i have yet, so is there a way i can fix this? Thanks in advance for the help and for your time to read this thread. 
  2. giraffe
    The Fiio E7 does not have a dedicated line out, but only two amplified outputs. If you are connecting the E7 to your receiver using one of those jacks, this would likely cause the hiss. Fiio sells a product called the L7 which can be used to get a line out from the E7, which costs around $10. I own the E7+L7 and have been able to successfully use them with my stereo receiver. I hope this helps!

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