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Fiio E7/E9 with desktop 2.1's? (Swans m50w)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by twiztedjoker, Sep 23, 2011.
  1. twiztedjoker
    Hi guys,

    I got my E7/E9 combo in the mail today...Out of the box I gotta admit I'm not TOO impressed...The E7 works well with my brainwavz B2 but The E9 doesn't seem to affect much. However, this is also because I do not own any high impedance headphones so I have nothing to go by.

    The thing is I have a pair of Swans m50w on the way, so I'm curious if it will make any difference should I choose to keep/sell the E9 and use the E7 primarily as a DAC since that's mostly what I need, or will I be able to hear a significant difference in terms of SQ? If I were to sell the E9 I'd use that money and start poking around at tube amps like the Bravo Audio stuff on ebay, or maybe Sonic impact Class T-amp.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. twiztedjoker
    Anyone? :/
  3. holden4th
    The E7/E9 combo made a huge difference to me but then again I have HD580s. However, my Shure SRH840s also sound much better through this system because the DAC is giving me a direct digital stream for the audio and bypassing the Windows internal mixer. You have to set this up via your media player. I use J.River but it's not free. Foobar2000 is free and can also be configured this way. Apparently WMP can't be. Having your music come through like this really makes a difference and is the main reason one should get a DAC.
  4. twiztedjoker
    Hi, thanks for replying.

    I see what you're driving at, but then doesn't the E7 already fulfil the DAC component, and hence won't I not necessarily need the E9? I use my macbook for music, mainly, and when I plugin the E7/E9 into it I always set it to use the DAC as the output device. Is that what you mean?
  5. JRG1990
    If your not driving high impendence , low sensitivity headphones you don't really need the e9, you will need the l7 for the e7 for your speakers if you sell the e9.
  6. holden4th
    The amp in the E9 is vastly superior to the amp in the E7 and that could be a reason for combining them.
  7. twiztedjoker

    I can't just usb the E7 > output source?

    Which might benefit the 2.1's which are arriving? I'm using a cheap set of creative 2.1's(T3130), so it's possible that this is the reason I do not hear any significant differences with the E7/E9.
  8. JRG1990

    The E7 only has headphone jacks, not a proper line out for speakers, you need the L7 for a proper line-out or just keep the E9.
  9. jKlimas
    Not to revive a dead thread or anything, but..
    I have been using a Fiio E7/E9 combo with my Swan M50W's for about 2 months now almost every day. When I first got my Swans I thought they sounded amazing. Then when I paired them with the Fiio combo they sounded even better. (I use the rca jacks on the back, not the preamp jack). Notes sounded more defined and the treble absolutely shined! Now this could be a good or bad thing. The instruments and notes in each song became so clear that in certain "poorer" (< 320kbps) recordings from my PC or my iphone with a line out (dock) cable, I could hear all the problems with the recordings. Also on the better recordings, I could hear when the singer took a breath at some points, or even when they struck a wrong note. For me this was worth the money and makes my Swans sing! If i wasnt so cheap I would pair these speakers with a better dedicated tube amp/DAC.  I could post some pictures if people want them.
  10. Krnnamedjason


    Man... I have the Swan M10s and your post just makes me want to upgrade to the M50W or D200s already.  I would love to see the pictures btw, I have only seen studio shots of the M50Ws and would love to see what they look like a real world setting.  

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