Fiio E17 Linux Configuration Issue
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Feb 19, 2005
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Feb 19, 2005
This is a classic "I don't know where this post goes" post but I hope I hit the right spot. I'm only posting this in the hopes it might help somebody else somewhere along the way.
I have a Fiio E17 that I just got. Rolled it through a few systems of mine and it fits BEAUTIFULLY with my Bottlehead Crack and Sennheiser HD650's.   In fact this is the only system I like the HD650 but that's another story.
Anyway my source component is a Raspberry Pi with Squeezeplug OS.  Raspberry Pi is notorious for the ethernet/USB bus and pops and clicks.  The media player is Squeezelite.
After some listening I noticed that between tracks there were some pops and clicks.  The Squeezeplug author had just stated the latest update worked perfectly with the latest firmware update of the Raspberry Pi with no more pops and clicks. 
Fiio E17 didn't get the memo I guess.  Oh but it sounded beautiful though but during song transitions or quiet passages in a song you could hear it and it was becoming annoying and unusable to me.
So then I swapped a JDSLabs ODAC in the system and it worked perfectly.  So initially I thought it was a Fiio thing but after Googling and reading a thousand posts on Raspberry Pi and pops and cracks and ALSA configuration I stumbled across something. 
To use squeezelite as a player with Logitech Media Server I was passing the following command
squeezelite -o front:CARD=DACE17 -n CrackPipe -s -m 80:1f:02:94:58:b1
Then I decided to use a different hardware config and did this changing front to hw
squeezelite -o hw:CARD=DACE17 -n CrackPipe -s -m 80:1f:02:94:58:b1
Absolutely no pops or clicks.
The Bottlehead Crack, Fiio E17, and Sennheiser HD650 are pure synergy.  I LOVE THIS SYSTEM.
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