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Fiio E11 + Brainwavz B2 or M2

  1. psuwanchote
    Im thinking about getting this for $170, or the M2 as that changes the price drastically, can anyone comment?
    I've owned the DBA02 and they were my favs, and I've owned TF10 and they were my second favorite. 
    Getting these together seems like a really good deal, thanks!
  2. singha
    Get the B2 over the M2. I got a M2 in the a bundle deal and am not a fan. If you really like your DBA02 you should like the B2 as well since they are very similar in that they are mid and treble oriented. Not many people have heard them but Joker gave them a 9.5 for sound and gave the M2 a 7.3. If you enjoyed your DBA-02 you are going to hate the M2 cause it is so bass oriented and definitely lacks the clarity and sparkle of the DBA-02. It kinda reminded me of the OG Turbines. The M2 may make a good pair of gym headphones but otherwise they'd be a huge downgrade for you.
    Be sure to use a coupon on top of that. They have a 5% off 150 floating around.
  3. Negakinu
    Get the M2 if all you listen to is electronic music. Get the B2 for everything else. :)

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