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Fiio Alpen 2 E17K as Android DAC

  1. cranda58
    Just got a Fiio Alpen 2 E17K to be used as a DAC with my Galaxy Note 4. When I plug it in I can't seem to get any sound out from the phone. Any tips? Sometimes it will play a sound or music briefly and then revert back to no sound.
  2. cel4145
    Try turning off USB charging. It may be trying to draw power from the phone.
  3. cranda58
    Thanks for the suggestion, tried it both ways and no difference. 
  4. cel4145
    Sorry. Don't know. May not be compatible with the Note 4. Know that the E18 is FiiO's Android certified DAC/amp.
  5. cel4145
    Also, the only other easy thing I can suggest to try is a different cable in case the one you are using is bad.
  6. cranda58
    Not sure if this helps, but when it works this is what happens.
    Plug it in, goes to 96K - 24bit - will play the next sound (be it a click noise, or song) -> shifts to 48K - 16bit and will play the song until it goes to next track or I press pause, then I get nothing. Unplug from the phone and it shifts to 32K - 16bit. Will only play again if when I plug it in it goes to 96K - 24bit (probably about 50% of the time), but again, will only play one song or sound. I'm very confused.
    Read in bowei006's review of the e17K that it is not officially supported by Android, like the E18, but they found it worked. 
  7. cel4145
    Have you tried standard 44.1/16 bit stuff?
  8. cranda58
    Primarily use Spotify for most music. Also have some 44.1KHz 320KBPS mp3's that I play through Poweramp. Same problems. Seems to be universal though everything, as even a system noise, like pressing the back button will play once and then no more sound output.
  9. cel4145
    Have you tried it in DAC mode with a PC? If it doesn't work there, then could be something wrong with the unit.
  10. cranda58
    Works fine as a DAC on PC
  11. cel4145
    Seems like it might not be compatible, then.
  12. vontokkerths
    Try to use a power source such as a y otg cable + battery pack or something similar, the objective is to give the E17K a power source, its known to not work because the E17K consumes more power than the phone can deliver. The E18 does not consume power thus being compatible with phones. E17K is 'made' for pc use. I hope this helped! Excuse my English. [​IMG]
    cel4145 likes this.
  13. shiggins9
    Considering it's been over a year since this thread was active, I was wondering if anyone had any more progress using the E17K as an amp/DAC with Android.  The right channel on my UE 18 Pro CIEMs is much quieter than the left for some reason and I'm wondering if the E17K will help sort it out as I've read it has a balance control-otherwise I'd go for the E18.  I'm thinking about getting the E17K anyway, even if I just use 1/8" from my phone and use as amp only.  But it would be great to utilize the DAC if possible since a reviewer said the DAC is even higher quality than the amp.
  14. alpinthor
    Pardon my english, but i know how to use the Fiio e17k alpen 2 as usb dac for android. First the issue is not on the device it self but on your android. Even when you plug it in the device, android will always use the internal dac to play sound. So i used USB audio player pro app to bypass android system to play the sound through the e17k, and it works really well.
  15. ajudhian
    @alpinthor: I already have installed USB Audio Player PRO in my Asus Zenfone 2, but it can't play. It said that there is no connected USB Audio device connected. Could you please tell me how you make it work? If you don't mind, please explain your step by step to connect this device to your android phone. Thank you... 

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