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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by guidostrunk, Jan 10, 2016.

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  1. Guidostrunk
    So, I stumbled upon this program( this past week. And to my ears , it's a much enjoyed improvement in SQ. I'm a very skeptical person when it comes to things like this. But after trying the free version, I didn't hesitate to get the plus.

    Some reviews from the net:

    The program itself, is very easy to set up, and run. I recommend that people try the free version first , to see if it's for you or not. Of course this is another subjective, topic. And YMMV. My ears give it two thumbs up.

  2. WindowsX
    Thank you for sharing your appreciation about Fidelizer products. I hope you'll enjoy the music better with Fidelizer upgrades. :)
    Windows X
  3. billerb1
    Windows X, Fidelizer's creator, patiently walked me through my upgrade from the free version to Fidelizer Plus.  If you haven't tried the free version you, IMHO, are cheating yourself.  The impact on my system is not a subtle one.  Instrument timbre, harmonic nuance...hell, EVERYTHING  is greatly close to live sound as I've heard on headphones.  Holography is off the charts in comparison to my setup without Fidelizer.  And I will also mention that the further enhancement in SQ from the free version to Fidelizer Plus ($39.95) is more than worth the modest price.
    Great product !!!
    What are you waiting for?

  4. CFGamescape
    I'm using Tidal for my music and while Fidelizer (free version) starts up Tidal, I don't hear a difference. I'm assuming it's because I'm not using V-Cable + JPlay + ASIO to get bit-perfect music, as is recommended in the user guide. I tried to install and get these things to work together but I'm at a complete loss. What are all these things and why do I need it to make Fidelizer work?
  5. WindowsX
    First of all, there's nothing wrong if you can't hear the difference after applying Fidelizer optimizations. It's not like everyone has to be able to. I couldn't hear the difference between audio cables when I first started audiophile journey after all.
    However, Fidelizer will surely give you benefits in audio applications such as increasing audio thread priority, improve stability of low latency applications, increase clock resolution for multimedia resource scheduler, etc. If it doesn't cause any negative effects to your system, I recommend to keep running Fidelizer. You may notice the changes from the absent of Fidelizer later.
    You can use VB-Audio ASIO Bridge with ASIO driver from your USB audio driver or ASIO4ALL if you don't have ones.
    Windows X
  6. billerb1
    Dunno.  Windows X is it's creator and is the MAN...he could explain every technical aspect.  Me?  All I know is...if I ever had to go without it now, I'd cry.
    And then I'd kick my feet like a spoiled little girl who lost her favorite doll.  Don't EVER take my Fidelizer away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. CFGamescape
    Thanks for your reply. I should clarify my post a bit; it was very late and I was typing on my mobile. I'm not trying to disparage or discredit Fidelizer. I just want it to work along with the recommendations in the user guide. My question is, how do I get VB-Audio / JPLAY / ASIO to work together? I have all three installed, but don't know what I need to configure. I selected VB-Audio was my default audio output, but I don't hear anything. I suspect I need the ASIO driver to be applied to it, but even after I installed and rebooted, ASIO didn't show up. I'll try again when I get home tonight. Like I said, it was very late and my brain wasn't working to its optimal level, which is usually not very high to begin with.
    I want to make it work with the recommendations provided in the user guide. Once I get it to work, I hope to have similar results!
  8. WindowsX
    I understand. I just want to ease your worries about not being able to hear the difference. I don't find your post offensive at all. :)
    For setting up VB-Audio ASIO Bridge with ASIO4ALL, please follow the step-by-step instructions here.
    1. Download and install ASIO Bridge and ASIO4ALL, reboot
    2. After reboot, run ASIO Bridge software, click "Select A.S.I.O. Device" and choose ASIO4ALL v2
    3. Click "ASIO OFF" to change to "ASIO ON"
    4. Right click on sound icon in taskbar tray area, select "Playback devices"
    5. Select "Hi-Fi Cable Input" and click "Set Default" button
    You should be able to hear music coming from ASIO bridge now. Let me know if it works fine.
    Windows X
  9. CFGamescape

    Cool, thanks! What about JPLAY? Is that optional?
    Also, I just want to confirm that I should be opening Tidal from Fidelizer, right? I shouldn't open Tidal then Fidelizer, as I suspect it won't do anything. [​IMG]
  10. WindowsX
    JPLAY is dedicated audio output module. Can be used as mini player/streamer/asio driver. It's not free though. Running Fidelizer alone will improve the whole multimedia platform so Tidal and others will get benefits regardless. However, you should run Fidelizer with Tidal as music player application if possible.
    Windows X
  11. CFGamescape

    Gotcha, so it's optional. I was under the impression that the user needed this along with ASIO. The user guide says something like (paraphrasing here) "Tidal and YouTube users should use VB-Audio and JPLAY/ASIO combo. I thought the "combo" applied to "JPLAY/ASIO." My mistake.
  12. CFGamescape
    Alright, thanks to Windows X, I got Fidelizer to work with VB-Audio ASIO Bridge / Hi-Fi Cable application + ASIO4ALL driver. No, I can't tell a difference, but I'm going to give this some time. I'm new to all of this stuff. I kinda went crazy with my purchases lately, so I'm probably going to be able tell a difference when I start removing things from the equation rather than adding.

    Thanks again for the recommendation to use Fidelizer and to Windows X for helping me get it working!
  13. WindowsX
    I think re-evaluating your system tweaks from scratch is a good idea. Hope to hear back the result from you soon. :)
    Windows X
  14. NightFlight
    Okay, so I'm glad @Guidostrunk brought up Fidelizer again! I'd tried it some time ago and perhaps a bit early in my headphone audiophile upgrade journey.  I found no difference with the free version before with the HD800 powered out of a Lyr with a Bifrost. So I cast it aside and meh.
    I gave it a whirl again and thought WOW. My modified XDA-2 can OBVIOUSLY benefit from a better transport, especially from SPDIF optical I'm using. So my money was instantly separated from me for the pro version.  WindowsX had a link up for me next day. Now, I have to point out a couple things.
    1. I'm a pirate at heart. I generally just don't afford software. 
    2. The CAN to US conversion rate SUCKS right now. I paid almost 1.5x.
    3. Its worth it.
    I haven't been able to grab a couple minutes to sit in a quiet room and just listen to see if the pro version was worth it.  When I finally found 5 minutes, they stretched to 10.... 15... 20. Oh my. I quickly jumped through the 'golden oldies' of my collection. Apparently I've never heard them before. There's nuance and detail creeping out everywhere.
    I love electronica. I love well recorded electronica even better. Mostly because its possible seemingly skip the mastering process and basically plug your headphones into the performers synth. Bluetech is a particular favorite of mine. I randomly hit  Bluetech's - Leaving Babylon from the Prima Materia album. I was shocked. I found the primary riff that kicks in at 0:38 has a different halophonic character and texture on every beat. I've heard it how many times? Never noticed that.  I also can't hear that particular detail on other systems now. So its not just being pointed out and directing your notice to a particular nuance. The nuance is entirely missing from other systems.
    So turning your PC into a better transport is simply a good idea. Apparently its terrible in its raw configuration. I suspected it was bad, but not this bad. I'm looking forward to rediscovering my entire collection.
    In addition, I think you get this 'de-crappifying' quantity on expensive DACs like the yggdrasil as a major selling feature. But if you can improve your existing transport (PC) and get improved performance by manipulating the software - go for it. It was worth the money on my system for certain.
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  15. billerb1

    +1 and then some. I've gone from the free Pro...within a little more than a week. With each step up the nuance and the overall POWER of the music has risen. And in my case it has not been subtle. Instrument timbre and overall richness approaching having a private seat in the recording venue. Details, spacial cues...whole new ballgame. As NightFlight your whole music inventory. Biggest upgrade my system has had in quite awhile.
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