Fidelio X2 (x2hr) vs K702 vs K712 vs DT 880 vs AD500X vs AD700X vs ADG1X vs any other for FPS gaming ? Also a DAC/AMP?
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Jan 6, 2007
Hi experts,

I'll keep this brief.

My needs are 'the best' great, accurate, open back, larger sound stage headpone to play two games: Counter Strike (CS GO) 95% of the time and Battlefied 3 5%. Budget for setup is around £250 (which needs to include a decent noicecancelling microphone and or DAC/AMP). Could perhaps stretch to me but it would literally need to be 'incredible'.

Which of the following would be most suitable and why? Please state other options I might have missed out!

I have owned (and hated due to their muffled, unlcear sound) HD555 and currently have the ATH-A900 (very nice sounding but not the biggest sound stage for pinpointing opponents - perhaps better 'fun' sound signature for BF3 (because of the tight/smooth bass, than CS)

I might also need a DAC and or AMP. Am I right in saying a Fiio E10K would drive all of the above? I'm not sure how it would work (I assume it takes the sound from usb and creates and analogue output, but how it does this is baffling!) I have a P8Z77-i Deluxe ITX motherboard (i know, very old) with onboard audio... how would the E10K, in terms of positional sound output, compare with onboard audio (unless I've got it all wrong and the E10K would take the 3.5mm output from the onboard). Please recommend any DAC you think will be good for my gaming needs. I might add, I don't like simulated 3d audio and CS in particular doesn't really need it. I've heard good things about the SoudblasterX G6!

I'm sorry for not keeping it brief!

Best regards~

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