Female Stereo Mini to RCA
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Feb 12, 2008
I'd like to be able to hook my Ipod (with a LOD to mini) up to an amp with RCA inputs. Anybody know of any good interconnects companies that may offer such a product?
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Well places like ALO audio, qables and the like(Other MOT's) are likely to make one on a special order basis. Also there are diy cable makers that you can contact about making one.

With that said. I haven't seen any company offer a 1/8" female to rca on the market that I know of.
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Maybe, I need an LOD to RCA?
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An LOD to RCA may be a better deal in the end. I can't say that I know since it would be something you would have to decide for yourself. I know for myself I made a few cables and and if I were to make one it would depend on how practical for me since I am likely to use it for other things.
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Originally Posted by sejarzo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Or it might suffice forever, because it likely isn't going to cause any problems at all.

EDIT: You know, that's a 1/4" TRS jack on that part, not a mini....

Aye, but mini to 1/4" adapters are pretty ubiquitous.

And a LOD to RCA cable would be better simply because there would be fewer physical conections to come apart/corrode.
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I can and have built LOD to RCA cables. I use Canare and Mogami Cable and Neutik RCA's in a variety of colors. I sell them pretty much at my cost, I just do it as a hobby for friends on Headfi. Check my feedback.

This is one that I made with a mini, I can put a LOD on the end instead.


If anyone is interested.

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