Feb 19th SE Wisconsin Meet Impressions
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Jose Perez

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May 16, 2004
Well this meet turned into a mini-meet after several of the people who intended to show up had to back out at the last minute, but you know what they say, S*** Happens. As it turned out it was just myself and Brian, aka Audiosceptic, who I must say is a hell of a nice guy. Since I am currently between pieces of equipment, we mostly had Brian's gear to listen to. I did have a two pairs of AKG's for us to listen to (271's and 501's) it was mostly a chance for me to demo Brian's gear and for him to demo my 271's. Here's my impressions of the various pieces at our meet:

Moth Audio Si2A3
This amp is a thing of beauty to see and to listen to. The Moth team simply pulls no punches when they build one of these and it shows in every detail from the case down to the display windows on the front of the unit that show off the input tubes. Most importantly though, it truly is a joy to listen to. I demo'd it with AKG 501's, Grado 225's and Senn HD600's and it drove them all very cleanly throughout its output range. Never once did this amp sound compressed, or overworked. It simply keeps putting out dose after dose of ultra clean music. Well worth the money at almost any price.

Grado SR225
Now I'm not the world's biggest Grado enthusiast and these did nothing to assuage those feelings. Even though they had gotten the old Woody treatment from Larry they simply looked like beautiful versions of an uninteresting set of cans. They sound nice and all, just not my cup of tea.

Senn HD600
Even though they don't get the love that they used to these are still a great set of cans. Nothing groundbreaking here but then again you don't expect that with these cans.

Benchmark DAC1
This thing deserves all the praise I can give it. The DAC1 made the Coby DVD player Brian brought sound as musical as the Cambridge azur 600c I recently sold. Very very impressive.

Headroom Micro-DAC
Didn't take the opportunity to listen to this piece

HeadAmp AE-1
Another piece I didn't take the opportunity to listen to

Other than that it was my gear and I already knew what all of that sounds like.
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I PM'd Jose with a list of people I was uncomfortable with and I ended up being the only one there....

Thanks to Jose for being a great host. I had a great time and walked away impressed with the AKG K241. We'll do this again and see if we can get a better Wisconsin turnout.

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