Fake Creative Aurvana Air--Can it be? If so, how can I tell?
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May 22, 2015

Just wondering if anyone has a significant thought on this.

Almost three years ago I bought the Creative Aurvana Air earbuds for use with my iPhone. Originally priced around $200, quickly reduced to $100, I bought them on a sale for $70.

Since then I purchased the Yuin OK2, Blox M2C, Sennheiser MX400, and Basic Apple Ear Pods. ALL of these, even the Apple Ear Pods, sound indisputably clearer than the Creatives. In fact, by comparison, the Creatives sound muffled and congested, like an old fashioned radio.

This surprises me because reviewers of the Creative Aurvana Airs range from very impressed to mildly disappointed for $200. But ALL reviewers concede they sound clear and quite decent, at least at a $100 value.

The contrast is so great that I have to wonder--and this is the central question of this post--whether I might have received a fake Creative Aurvana Air. If there is a plausible possibility that I received a fake, I might venture another Creative Aurvana Air purchase (it's too late to return the ones I have). But I doubt they are fakes: I bought them from Creative Labs via Amazon. And the packaging was just as Creative advertised--not bulk or scaled down in any way.

What else, though, could account for the low quality in sound other than fakes? Perhaps the muffled sound is simply in comparison with the other earbuds. But really? Even the Apple Ear Pods? Of course, I have tried with and without foam pads, with and without eq. The bottom line is that the Creatives do not come anywhere near the clarity of the other buds.

Any insightful comments on whether the Creatives might be fakes, or how I can determine if they are?


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