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Failing with Foamies

  1. Hentai11
    I've been trying to get isolation out of my Klipsch Custom 2s. I've been doing okay with triple-flange tips, but I heard that I would do better with some Comply Tx-100 foamies.

    Problem is, I get at best marginal isolation with the foams, in all sizes. What could I be doing wrong?
  2. lnvisible
    My T400s supply phenomenal isolation, almost to a point where I couldn't hear car horns right beside me.

    You are definitely doing something wrong. Are you getting a good seal? Make sure to pull your ear back and open your mouth to further a successful seal.
  3. Hentai11
    @invisible: I'm getting a rotten seal, even with the open-mouthed, ear-pull trick. Even with the large foamies, and holding the phones to my ears, they're leaky.

    Then again, it might not be the foamies' fault; they're carrying Shure triples because ALL the stock tips failed to seal.

    @mark: How are the Olives different from the Complys?
  4. dnullify
    Olives are of a denser material which should isolate better. It is also is a bit firmer- when expanding into your ear, therefore it shouldn't leave any gaps in the contours of you ear.

    Not to mention, they're washable and very durable. they'll outlive a comply.

    However, you may just have significantly different shaped ear canals. Have you gotten satisfactory isolation with any IEM before?
  5. Ntropic
    Shure black foams are wider than Comply's more tapered shape. They also don't wear out nearly as fast, and are easy to clean.
  6. jaw2ek
    This may seem like a silly question...are you trying to put them in far? I have a pair of custom 2s that only the stock double flange, or ety triple flange get a good seal with deep insertion. With other tips, I get a good seal with shallower insertion (what I think Klipsch calls "float" in the manual)
  7. Hentai11
    @dnullify: I get good seal all the time, as I use IEMs exclusively. (They're a blessing to distance runners.) In fact, the Custom 2s are the only IEMs I've EVER had this trouble with, and even they work with the silicone triple-flanges.

    @jawek: Shallow insertion is leaky for me, until the phones pop out of my ears. I don't use the stock tips at all. Useless.

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