Experiences with Bryston BHA-1 headamp?

  1. Nicholas Seltzer
    Currently using a Schiit Mjolnir 2 with solid state tubes and looking to upgrade. Any experience with Bryston BHA-1? what else should I consider in the 1300-1700 price range? I had a Ragnarok briefly that I had to return due some malfunction secondary features, but I enjoyed the sound.

    Headphones: LCD-3F
  2. nordkapp
    Hi Nick. I have never heard a Schiit Mjolinir. I once owned the Magni, Vali and Vali 2. Solid performers for the money. The BHA-1 is a piece of audio art work. Neutral, honest, revealing and robust. Mine is boxed up at the moment. I've been using the CIAUDIO headamp for a while. All I can say is I enthusiastically recommend it. Every time I think I may sell it, I pull back. The down side-class A bias runs warm and throws off heat. In the Summer, its an issue for me. That's it. Mike.
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  3. silversurfer616
    Also have a Bryston and it is the only amp I won't sell on as I am utterly enjoying it with my LCD3 and HD800S. I use it balanced in and out and you can have 3 headphones running simultaneously.
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  4. bfreedma
    I enjoyed my BHA with LCD-3Fs when I had it in my system for a couple of years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the combination. More than enough power to drive those headphones.

    With a 20 year transferable warranty, you might find a good deal on a used one. I see them pop up for under $1k. (no, not propping up a sale - sold mine a while ago...)
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  5. zephyrstar
    I am curious about this question too. I am looking at both the Bryston BHA-1 and QUESTYLE AUDIO CMA600I for a pair of Focal Clears and can't make up my mind.
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  6. tg123
    It is a good amp, but the way Bryston sets up the volume pot is just weird. On my unit from the 11 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position the volume does not get louder it just stays the same. No other amp I have owned volume pot does that. I thought something was wrong with it, and send it to Bryston and was told it is normal. I sold mine because I felt for the price that I paid about $1200 (dealer demo), it is not worth the money. I am currently using a Lyr 2, and I feel that its equal to the BHA-1 to my ears for whole lot less money.
  7. silversurfer616
    I am looking for a tube amp to complement the Bryston and was thinking of the Lyr2, but also the Woo WA2 or 22.
    Have the Valhalla2 which I consider average, so I am wondering whether to get the Lyr instead of the Woos and save some money.

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