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Experiences with Bryston BHA-1 headamp?

  1. Nicholas Seltzer
    Currently using a Schiit Mjolnir 2 with solid state tubes and looking to upgrade. Any experience with Bryston BHA-1? what else should I consider in the 1300-1700 price range? I had a Ragnarok briefly that I had to return due some malfunction secondary features, but I enjoyed the sound.

    Headphones: LCD-3F
  2. nordkapp
    Hi Nick. I have never heard a Schiit Mjolinir. I once owned the Magni, Vali and Vali 2. Solid performers for the money. The BHA-1 is a piece of audio art work. Neutral, honest, revealing and robust. Mine is boxed up at the moment. I've been using the CIAUDIO headamp for a while. All I can say is I enthusiastically recommend it. Every time I think I may sell it, I pull back. The down side-class A bias runs warm and throws off heat. In the Summer, its an issue for me. That's it. Mike.
  3. silversurfer616
    Also have a Bryston and it is the only amp I won't sell on as I am utterly enjoying it with my LCD3 and HD800S. I use it balanced in and out and you can have 3 headphones running simultaneously.
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  4. bfreedma
    I enjoyed my BHA with LCD-3Fs when I had it in my system for a couple of years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the combination. More than enough power to drive those headphones.

    With a 20 year transferable warranty, you might find a good deal on a used one. I see them pop up for under $1k. (no, not propping up a sale - sold mine a while ago...)
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  5. zephyrstar
    I am curious about this question too. I am looking at both the Bryston BHA-1 and QUESTYLE AUDIO CMA600I for a pair of Focal Clears and can't make up my mind.
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  6. tg123
    It is a good amp, but the way Bryston sets up the volume pot is just weird. On my unit from the 11 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position the volume does not get louder it just stays the same. No other amp I have owned volume pot does that. I thought something was wrong with it, and send it to Bryston and was told it is normal. I sold mine because I felt for the price that I paid about $1200 (dealer demo), it is not worth the money. I am currently using a Lyr 2, and I feel that its equal to the BHA-1 to my ears for whole lot less money.
  7. silversurfer616
    I am looking for a tube amp to complement the Bryston and was thinking of the Lyr2, but also the Woo WA2 or 22.
    Have the Valhalla2 which I consider average, so I am wondering whether to get the Lyr instead of the Woos and save some money.
  8. SilverEars
    I thought the other thread was dead due to this amp is not the latest new thing given it's been around since 2012.

    Anyway, I'd like to share my experience with this amp, and it has been a good ride since I've gotten it. Interestingly, this amp is pretty under-valued used, and if I compare to something like GSXMK2 which goes for $3k, I find this amp to be the better value, and performs better. Only thing is that low gain is still pretty high for sensitive headphones. This has lots of power, and shouldn't be lacking power to drive pretty much all headphones to proper sound output.

    Interestingly, balanced output sounds different from single ended (this is one of those amps that I know for sure does). Puts out punchier and upper-mids forward sound that if you think your headphone needs slam and punchiness, it would most likely delivered with balanced output (I wouldn't recommend doing this for sensitive headphones as it have too much gain for easy to drive headphones in balanced). I've been using balanced with the HD58X, and sounds like a different headphone from single ended. It really does sweetens the headphone to much better value than it's tag price.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
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  9. treebug
    Has anyone compared this to the Sennheiser amps? I have the BCD-3 connected to the Sennheiser HDVA600 and often wonder if I should switch the Senn amp for the Bryston. HD800 headphones.
  10. Nicholas Seltzer
    Absolutely. I've heard both now. It's not even close.
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  11. omniweltall
    That main thread is dead because the thread's name too. There is no mention of BHA-1 in the name. So, the BHA-1 thread doesn't come out in searches.
  12. SilverEars
    It's interesting how this amp punches bass at a greater intensity than the general avg, but at the same time, it's not just bassy bass either, it's quality bass. I wonder if it has good immediate power.
  13. makan
    Absolutely! It is the only amp that I hav kept from day 1. Drives my LCD-4 nicely
  14. omniweltall
    This amp is f#@kin' nuts. It makes my HD650 hits hard. I have never heard quality bass like this before.

    @SilverEars in my setup, the HD650 sings like no tomorrow with this amp. This amp bridges the gap between HD650 and those planars.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  15. lugnut
    Could someone shed some light on this. Is this just a fluke with his amp or is this just the way the amp is designed ? Thanks

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