Excellent budget network streamer that improved the sound on my MSB Analog Dac
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Mar 15, 2010
I've stumbled upon an excellent network streamer, and a budget one too. 

It's called  SOtM sMS-100. I don't think it has a competition at that price. You can call it a lan to usb converter if you wish. 
Actually my MSB Analog DAC seemed to have the usb input superior to the usb to spdif interfaces I have tested.
I admit that the SMS-100 isn't the same thing, but it did improve the sound in a noticeable way!
It really improved the sound in a lot of ways from resolution, transparency to soundstage and imaging. The sound becomes more alive, better contoured and it also adds a very nice natural fluency that makes the sound flow effortless. 
It can solve the noisy computer problem too, as it has the possibility of running of a linear power supply. This will get you clean USB in both signal and 5v. 
Besides this, it is a very useful little gadget, especially if you have speakers. You just insert it in your network and you can play music off your mobile phone/tablet. 
I've written a full review about it here.

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