EX71 Sound hole -> Bigger
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Dec 15, 2003
Ok, so lots of people have been saying that the EX71 has:
1 muddy bass
2 no treble

I'm still in my audio detection trauma recovery cycle, so I couldn't really tell anything about phones, of any kind.

High frequencies tend to get interrupted by "stuff" a lot. Like walls, and air. I was thinking about this, and wondering how the heck sound even goes through a tiny hole... it wasn't like a foam cover, in which there are an uncountable number of tiny holes, there was just this one.. little, tiny hole, drilled into a solid block of styrofoam. Well, me being bored, and it having been a long time since I ruined anything of mine, I decided I might as well just do something to quench my boredom.

Out of my mom's and grandma's sewing collection, I found a variety of little needles. I took the largest tool from my dad's room, which was just a 1 milimeter stick thing. I slowly used the smaller needles to widen the hole to until I could stick that stick thingie into the widened hole, and just twist it in circles to enlarge it a lot.

I prayed for the best, as I did accidentally hit the transducer thingie as I was widening the hole, and stuck the plug into my mp3 player. I compared the earphone with the widened hole with the regular one, and from what my crippled ears could tell... "more hole = more treble"
Something to that extent.

I didn't really care, so I just said "ah, what the hell" and just did the same thing to the other one. Well... ever since, I've been listening to music with a flat line EQ... no more need to boost the treble end anymore.

Muddy? I'm not sure I knew what this thing was in the first place. I know the treble is louder, but that is all that I know for sure. It might be a little muddy up there, it might have a little distortion, but it take someone with much better ears than me to really tell what an enlarged hole really did.

Anyone else with Sony's EX71 wanna put their phones into jeopardy?

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