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Evshrug's "If I knew then what I know now" discussion journal.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by evshrug, Jan 17, 2013.
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  1. ad idem

    You're most welcome, and I'm glad it brightened your mood :). I'm sure it can be taxing at times to try and help on forums (people not reading nor using search functions etc.). And also thank you for addressing my question. It's rather a shame that it doesn't work, since it would be pretty nice if the X7 literally could be the control unit for all my audio devices. But I guess it's not the end of the world using the analog mic jack on the front in lieu of USB connections. I mean that is if I really want to use a different mic just to have all audio control under the X7. But I must admit, that is a big allure for me, and goes a long way in justifying the purchase. Reduce clutter, retain/increase audio quality, centralize control to one location.
    Also does this statement here: "...for now the X7 mic is for Bluetooth and PC (Mac/Win) only." mean you did get a chance to go further into the mixer panel and unmute things to find out that it (mic-in and beamforming options) doesn't work with your console? Because if so, me mentioning the backup plan of using the front mic jack becomes nonviable. Which in turn makes me a sad panda.
  2. Evshrug
    I really need to finish the review, I answer a lot of those questions in what I've writ so far...

    The X7 supports Dolby Digital Live surround encoding and LPCM on optical, two simultaneous Bluetooth connections, a line in, a mic-in, and uncompressed USB input for PC (Mac and Windows), and a second usb input for USB Host Mode for iOS7+ devices and android devices that support OTG connection. With the PC control panel or the mobile app, you can mute or mix the volume from any connected source.

    The X7 currently can only connect to consoles with the optical or analog line-in inputs, no microphone support because of how the consoles recoignize USB Devices. As I said above, I'm hoping Sony changes Bluetooth things because that would make a mic connection easy, theoretically.
  3. conquerator2
    Thanks [​IMG]
    I'll be totally content with a yes or no to my previous question [​IMG]
    Pretty pleeeeeeeease [​IMG]
    Here a repost - 'I wonder, is the bluetooth always on on the X7 or can you choose to turn it off independently [when X7 is running]? Cheers [​IMG]
    Thank you [​IMG]'
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  4. ad idem
    I was almost going to mention being sorry for potentially taking time away from the review with my additional questions in my previous post, but opted not to, to avoid coming across too preemptively apologetic ha ha. Oh the irony :frowning2:.
    I very much appreciate the clarifications on your part. And I hope you get a chance to relax a bit and enjoy your holiday in spite of putting together this review (as well as other social obligations given the season). I'm sure it can't be easy considering those on the hype train for this device chomping at the bit to get more info from a credible source, like starved hyenas eying a fresh carcass. Also, here's to hoping Sony does actually make my audio dreams a reality in future firmware updates.
  5. Evshrug
    Paragraph 2 was all about you baby!
    I think the X7 always has Bluetooth on, but Bluetooth inputs are one of the things you can mute in the Mixer panel.

    No Prob, I just wrote these replies during the 15 minute break at work, so it didn't take away from review time. I'm really excited people are excited to read!

    Edit: I wrote that when I got home from work (tech support @ a retail support), now I'm in bed hoping to shut off my brain quickly so that I can write in the morning before work @ noon.
  6. conquerator2
    X7 is waiting for me at home. Big thanks to Fegefeuer/Arif for acting as a proxy! Really appreciate it.
    The DI-V2014 is arriving later today too.
    A great day today :)
  7. conquerator2
    Some pictures: 
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  8. Fleat
    ad idem,
    This is just speculation, but I don't think you would be able to use your Blue Yeti with the PS4 anyways. Due to the audio monitoring (headphone out) port, it will see the device as a microphone and audio output device and send all the chat / party audio through that.
    You could always run the Blue Yeti's headphone monitoring port into the aux in on a Astro Mixamp or DSS2 if you wanted to add the audio back into the mix. I am not sure if this is possible for the X7 though. I actually have the Yeti and use this for my PC twitch casting. If I get a chance, I will test out the Yeti on the PS4 and attempt to confirm my suspicions.
    It is truly a shame to hear that the microphone in on the X7 isn't working on the PS4. Considering they are advertising it for use with consoles, I would think they would fix this via a firmware update or something.
  9. conquerator2
    I've briefly set everything up just to test whether everything works fine.
    The BT app is a great touch.
    I was expecting a bit more voltage from the line out though, it is about on par [in terms of volumeXvolume] when I used the Recon3D USB - HP out @about -2 from max. volume, into the same amplifier.
    Just FYI, I'll test the SQ later [and compare the 1794 DAC to an external ES9018 one]
  10. benbenkr
    Thanks for the pics on the op-amps. Uses the exact same ones as the ZxR, which I didn't like too much. Good thing they make it so easily replaceable though (easier than the ZxR that is). 
  11. conquerator2
    Any recommendations for the op-amps? :)
  12. benbenkr
    I always felt that the stock op-amps were a little too bloaty in the bass (a reason why the ZxR was never a great match with many warm headphones out of the box). I switched to LME49720HA and LME49710HA. Also messed around with MUSE01 but didn't exactly like it much either. I saw a thread long ago that a user was using MUSE02 in the I/V and something else as the buffer though I don't remember what they were.
    But the LME49720 and 49710 did tighten the bloaty bass up noticeably, not significantly of course. But it's enough for what I wanted as I do hook my ZxR up to a pair of Swans M50w.
    Also, since the X7 only allows access to the op-amps without voiding warranty, there's no other way to actually switch out the DIPs for further tweaking. 
  13. lenroot77
    Really looking forward to your full blown X7 review Evs!

    Great thread u have here!
  14. conquerator2
    Hey Evs,
    Do you run the X7 at 69% Surround [SBX]?
    Hope you had a great Eve :)
  15. Evshrug
    Ev had a great Eve, I saw what you did there! After a GF family dinner party, I stole time writing till 5 am to figure out what I wanted to say in the X7 review.

    I think it's down to personal choice... I "calibrated" my brain with 67%, but I turned it up to 88% and it's easier to hear the surround directions for my ears.
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