Everyone, please be careful with your listening.
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May 23, 2011
I know we all adore this hobby, and it is very easy to get carried away. Just remember, even at normal listening volumes, headphones can damage your hearing.
My currently perforated eardrum that cannot hear bass right now can attest to that. I'm 25, and don't listen loud.
I was studying all weekend, switching between CIEMs and over ears. Apparently my ears didn't enjoy that much time. So right now, even though my ear is slowly healing, I know that I can lose some hearing in ranges. I'm going to the doc next week to see. I've never thought that something so minor would make me cry as thinking that I could lose range in one ear, or worse, lose it all.
Please, take breaks. @soundstige has in his sig to take a 10 min break every hour, and I will try that from now on. Until my ear feels fine though, I sit looking at my headphones, wanting to listen, but knowing I need to heal.
I don't want this to happen to another Head-fier.

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