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Everybody likes eggs

  1. Spareribs
    It's amazing. When you travel the world, the common food item that you find in every country are eggs. It's that one food item that the whole world agrees on.

    I have never met anyone who does not like eggs. I mean it's impossible to hate eggs. The taste is mild and compatible to the human palate. So yeah, everyone likes eggs.
  2. wskl
    Eggs are very versatile too, there are many ways to cook them, eat them savory or sweet, etc.  I do like my eggs for breakfast and an egg custard tart is great for sweet cravings.
    One group of people who may not agree with you, those vegans.
  3. wink

    Except for those who really don't but are too afraid to say so because they don't want to buck the concensus of opinion......   [​IMG]
  4. WraithApe
    Like @Spareribs, I have never met anyone who does not like eggs. I don't even think vegans dislike eggs - they just refuse to eat them.
  5. wink
    eggs-actly....  [​IMG]
    btw, does that include pidan (1,000 year old Chinese eggs..? [​IMG]  )
  6. WraithApe
    Never heard of a pidan before. Kind of like the Chinese equivalent of that British pub staple, the pickled egg, I guess!
  7. wskl
    I've eaten that, it's an acquired taste though, often eaten with congee (a sort of rice porridge).  Actually, your post made me think of something called "balut" which is a Philippines delicacy, a 3 week old fertilized duck egg.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    We sure do.

  9. wink
    YUMMMMMMmmmm  .... !!!!!!!      [​IMG]    [​IMG]
    WraithApe likes this.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Beer does go best with fertilized duck eggs. Better though when you slurp the broth first, then toss the duck egg into a cast iron or carbon steel skillet along with crab fat and garlic in hot olive oil.
  11. wink
    Cordon bleu capers, right there....     [​IMG]
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I swear, people have conspiracy theories about why there's no cure for cancer, but given that people here dream up stuff like sauteing duck embryos in crab fat, I'm surprised nobody's got any conspiracy theories about chefs and cardiologists. Or hepatologists, because liver cirrhosis is in the freaking top 10 diseases here because of the kinds of food we have - the US might have obese people rolling around in motorized chairs but over here imagine people chugging down beer eating duck embryos in crab fat with a side of raw, fatty tuna and deep fried pig stomachs, then they wake up the next morning to a double skirt steak and egg breakfast (with rice fried in the same skillet or wok as the skirt steak to absorb the fond). 
    Even the non-meat stuff are deadly - another popular beer chow are pig ears and tofu. Even if you just have the tofu, it gets dipped in soy sauce, leading to gout, then the kidneys and liver eventually take a freaking hit. I even had to switch to canned sesame oil because the cheap stuff are cut with soybean oil (ie they're basically just so the food kinda smells right).

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