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Evelyn Glennie: How to listen to music with your whole body

  1. analogsurviver
    Couple of days ago I was browsing youtube in order to find the best posible sounding recordings to be used later in my forthoming posts. And - failed, miserably so. No one is usually happy when failing at something, yet in this exceptional case I am delighted I can share this "collateral demage" find with the community:
    and this one, favourite among many searched after discovering the above:
    Not that I did not know about Dame Evelyn Glennie before - yet to be able to watch and hear her displaying just what it took this next to stone deaf woman to surmount what most people would consider unsurmountable was special indeed. Her inborn need to give other people so much music, to teach them to listen to everything in their surrounding and to themselves,  simply left me speechless.
    So, next time you find yourself in another hot  headphone/audio debate - pause for a moment -  isn't it time for some inner reflection ?
    Imagine living in a world the difference between cheapest earbud on the planet and SR009 meant - nothing.
    What would YOU do ?
  2. Lazarus Short
    Years ago, about 1991, I bought a CD of her music.  Now I know why she performs barefoot - it reminds me of Edison [though I'm not a fan of Edison] who, so I was told, bit into his phonograph machines to hear better, as he was partially deaf.

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