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Feb 20, 2008
So im thinking about trying out the er-4p's and i have a few questions before I do. First off... I have a sony dap (the a series??) and i love the thing.... My current headphones are ue superfi5, and yuin pk2's. each are good, but each are lacking alot as fare a pure sound goes. the pk2's well, just can't enjoy music any kind of music when your missing the lowest 2 octaves. the super-fi's well... theres just something missing. they dont sound quite right for me. I want basically super flat response. are the etymotics a good choice? Also ive seen pictures with the red and blue phones, and ones that are all black? where do i get the all black ones from? whats a good place to buy, I prefer a place that has a return policy due to the fact that i may not like these at all, but will sell them if i have to for a loss.

any and all comments appreciated
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thought about the q-jays as well have yet to see a freq-response graph on them yet. The etymotics graph looks good, though i am unsure about the elevated midrange, it would be interesting to hear exactly how they sound. If anyone has compared the q-jays to the etymotics, id like to see how they stack up to each other... compared to the super-fi's that would be great too
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Yes, HeadRoom has a great return policy.

Super Fi Pro and ER4P are quite different and just as many will tell you they like the other one much better and vice versa. There are hundreds of posts describing the two.

Just take a look at Headroom's other offerings to make sure you can trade for something else you might want in case you end up exchanging them.
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just wanted to hear more opinions as to which are more neutral sounding, or realistic i should put it. the ety's or the q-jays btw selling my superfis if anyone is interested send me pm
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I went from SF5 to ER4P.

Haven't looked back. They are much more detailed and balanced, whilst at times you might feel a lack of Bass, I still find them wonderful. I am using a RSA Tomahawk with a P->S adapter, which is said to have some bass improvements.

I did use it out of my iPods Headphone out, and found them too bright.
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just ordered the etymotics, cant wait to try them out. in the mean time im definitely selling my superfis. will be missed
however i cant post it in the fs section so if anyones wants to post it for me or any interests let me know. im asking $120 shipped for a 2 week old pair (had them for a while, just recently got a new set back in the mail 2 weeks ago because the other ones i sent out for warranty) original box, accessories, only the rubber tips have been used, and the foam ones twice. they are the all clear ones for more info pm me. or email me and i will send pictures
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the er4p is great. The clarity and detail is unmatched by other non-custom IEM. It is one of my favorite headphones.

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