Etymotic ER-6i or Head-direct RE2 for flying?
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Mar 7, 2009
Which of these two would be better on commercial airflights? I listen to mostly rock, funk, electronica. RE2 seem like a better deal, but do they have enough isolation?
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Having heard both (I owned ER-6i for a few months, and two of my labmates have RE2s on my recco), I'll say that RE2s don't isolate well relative to ER-6i. Indeed, I'd say they don't isolate well period, but that might be a little unfair.
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I don't many other ear phones that can beat the isolation of the er-6 series. For my ears, they fit quite deep but they are the easiest IEMs for me to insert and pull out. The only thing I have with better isolation is my UM3x with the standard comply ear tips.

The only downside of the er-6 is the bass response and overly analytical signature.
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From what I've read, the ER6i definitely has better isolation(because they go quite deep into your ear-canal). In consolation to the RE2, it has better soundstage and is slightly cheaper, I think.
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Have the ER-6i. Wasn't used to inserting them deeply at first but now i really shove them in. Isolate very well. I use them heavily daily and the cord wore out in six months though.

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