ER-4S users: what full size phones do you prefer?
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It seems that many believe that balance armature does not burn in. But for tiny mechanical part it make sense to me if some shaking could make it smoother on the pivot.

So how long is this burn in going to last? The sound did fluctuates around at first. Now Diana Krall stuffs sounded almost perfect on it, I can't believe it can sound even better. I'm glad that I went with it instead of SA6 or 10 (heard them both, but haven't heard a burnt in ER-4 then).

To nit pick, how would the K701 compare to ER-4? I guess more bass and wider sound stage? Anything else?
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I think mine finally settled down after about a hundred hours or so, and felt "right" around two hundred. All I know is one day I put them in, and sighed...they just sounded right. I think the 701/Ety comparison would be pretty close...the Ety is a very accurate and "fast" IEM, and a tad shaped (as far as the P's go...the S version is almost dead flat across the spectrum), with slightly enhanced highs and lows. THe 701's in comparison sounded a bit more bright at the top end, and due to the fact that it's a dynamic headphone, had more visceral bass, but one of the knocks on the 701 stock is that it lacks in bass. These recabled ones were designed to address the bass issue, and were pretty balanced in this respect. As far as soundstage, both are very expansive and yet focused (instruments are distinct and placed correctly), but I find the soundstage presentation on the Ety's more "holographic". I didn't listen to the 701's for too long, but my initial reaction was "wow, these sound like Ety's!". My HD650's are much more laid back on comparison to both. The 701's were very up front and intimate, but to my ears sound more...cold, I guess is the word I'm looking for.
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My prefs are my modded Stax and modded Sony ECR-500. Oh, and my K1000.

It's hard to have just one...
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RAL recabled K701.

However, I do miss my Etys. When my boss was standing at the front of my desk and literally waving his arms to get my attention, I decided the ER-4S were too much isolation.

The Etys have a wonderfully intimate headspace that I miss very much, though.
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What if the K701 is not recabled? I guess I won't be getting any less bass than ER-4P?

Btw, is stock cable 3 or 4 wired? I might need to change the 1/4" stereo to a 4 pin XLR.
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Originally Posted by nc8000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
It's funny that I love my ER4 but the K701 leaves me completely cold.


IMO, the hd600 sig is closer to ER4S than the k701s.
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The absolute 1st: K 1000
close runner up: K 260P (Gotham recabled, a K 260 can be rarely found, but it doesn't means it isn't good, although still slightly "slower" sounding than 4S

for any other phones i have ever heard i can't rate any higher than 80% for common characteristics shared by each other.....
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With my limited auditioning, IMHO, ER-4 sounds between K701 and DT880. The presentation and balance is more similar to K701, however K701 sounds more coloured. DT880 is neutral like ER-4 but with stronger bass and treble.
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At least try a Grado? My SR80 rock my world for what I paid for them. Almost as tight, punchier, extended upwards into infinity, but not as neutral/reference-like. If that's specifically what you're looking for I'd probably get the K701 based on what other people say about them.

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