EQ with 580's - anyone else here use it?
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Jun 4, 2002
Well, as I've been burning in my HD580's on my home receiver (100-watt Sony stereo receiver, nothing fancy), I've noticed that I like the sound with that setup alot more than the 580's w/ my porta corda. At first I thought it must be because of the extra oomph that the receiver is providing that portable amps just aren't capable of. Then I realized that I had the bass and treble slightly boosted on the receiver's controls. So I decided to find the most similar boost of frequencies on my ipod mini (the "rock" and "latin" settings), and now the sound w/ the mini, porta corda and 580's is very similar to my DT770's, (plenty of bass and impact) only with more top end than the DT770's.

Anyone else use EQ with their 580's, or is this a no-no, since the 580/600/650 lineup are supposed to be very balanced/natural and shouldn't "need" any EQ? I keep thinking I should steer away from using EQ (which is easy on the DT770's, SR60's and KSC-75's, since they don't need it), but the 580's just sound better to me this way.

I'm assuming this means that my preferences lean towards a bassier sound with a slightly bright presence (no real shock to me, since I also really like the KSC-75's and SR60's).

Anyway, to steal from another thread, I suppose that good sound is whatever sounds good to me, right?
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Jan 6, 2005
I don't use EQ at all. I owned a few 580's, a pair of 600, and a few 650's. Not to mention the countless amout of other headphones and never did I use EQ. It always changes something that makes me miss the non EQed sound.

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Feb 26, 2005
I also just got my HD580's. And I am also using a Kenwood 100w amp w/them. And I also had a porta corda amp that I was using with them. (just sold the amp) So lots in common here!!!

I have been eq'ing the 580's some. It really depends on what I'm listening to. With classical & jazz - I like the straight sound w/no eq -- but with some rock I seem to like bumping up the bass.

I have some 600's modded w/wood from Larry at headphile on the way. These also have a cable upgrade. I'm anxious to see how much the wood increases the bass impact -- that may end my eq'ing!! I'm also curious about the cable upgrade -- just how much difference it will make. Have read so many different opinions...

I don't really have a problem eq'ing. I just want to enjoy what I hear & if eq does that -- well all the better! Guess I'm not a purist!!!
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Aug 5, 2004
I only EQ when I know that something is incredibly wrong with the sound.

Not many hi-fi headphones require EQing, according to my ear. They sound fine the way they are.

That said, I EQ my Super-Fi's all the time to get a balanced presentation.


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