EP-FX8 Tip Stuck In My Ear Canal- The Importance of the Correct tip on an IEM
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Jul 18, 2015
I can't be the only person this has happened to. Can i? I read in several posts that the JVC EP-FX8 tips made a significant difference in the quality of sound reproduction from the Dunu DN-1000. I purchased 3 pair on eBay from China for US$31 and waited eagerly for my enhancement to arrive. I  generally need  between a medium to  large size tip more to the large size but thought I'd chance it with the for my prized Dunu with Medium which was all I could locate at the time.
I had been using stock silicon tips from my Vsonic GR-07BA which produced a good seal but had that"vacuum feel". The sound was excellent. When the tips arrived I tried them on the Dunu and it was clear they we a bit too small. I decided to try them on my GR-07BA's as they went deeper in the canal which narrows. It appeared the left tip fell off as it wasn't on the left GR07. I searched my desk and the floor but it wouldn't be the first time a tip had totally vanished for a while.
In any case when I put the stock tip backs on the GR-07's the I could not insert it deeply in my left ear. I had a "weird" feeling. I put my little finger in my left ear and said to myself-goodness, I need to clean my ear though I had done so in the morning, A large wax buildup perhaps?
When I inserted a Q-Tip I realized something was lodged in my ear canal. I suspected it might be one of the sizer rings from the Dunu's. I couldn't imagine how or that I had an entire JVC tip lodged deep in my ear canal. I broke the head off the Q-tip and tried to dislodge the object in my ear as I thought about emergency room triage etc...
I enlisted the aid of my wife who looked in my ear with a penlight and said that she saw a black object and would try to remove it if I would stop pushing things deep in my ear. I calmed down and she used a tweezer to carefully remove the JVC tip. I could not believe that such a large object got stuck in my canal. It wasn't the first time I tried a loose fitting tip to get that perfect sound I have been searching for.
The moral- be careful what you put in your ears, and IEM tips fit on the IEM very tightly for a reason. I've already berated myself in every way imaginable,  and I am just telling this story so I might help perhaps 1 person not make the same mistake that I did with a less happy ending.
BTW- I ordered EP-FX8 size large from China and found 3 pair for US$16.99 this time around. A glutton in search of that perfect IEM.

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Had this happen to me with the UE500. Terrible feeling, but at least I immediately knew it and had to get a few pens to fish it out.

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