Endgame IEM purchase decision
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You can't compare headphones to IEMs. The 2 trandsucers have their pros and cons, generally headphones have superior soundstage, whereas IEMs are more for their portability and perhaps isolation (though they generally have in your head soundstage). So they are complementary rather than competing.

From the midFI IEMs ($100 - 500 USD) region to > $1K IEMs, there are already huge diminishing returns. You are paying 10x more for perhaps 20% improvement in technicalities. From $2000 -> $5000 USD, the differences are even more marginal. Even TOTL IEMs have weaknesses, and price does not correlate with enjoyability or even sonic fidelity. I would strongly suggest for gear > $500, best to not do a blind purchase and best that you go down to a shop to audition it first, or perhaps some online shops with a returns policy. Would be a mega white elephant if you spring a purchase of a few thousand bucks and not like the sound or fitting.
Thank you! I’ve seen some compare very high IEM’s to headphones as they apparently sounds so good. Your answer is spot on. I guess I just have to order a few and return.
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Different things makes different people happy. Don't let the question stress you out. Once all the information settles, you'll learn to care less and appreciate what you do decide to buy and be content with that .
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Dear lovely and more experienced folks,

Will require your help in making a purchase decision for my second endgame iems. I am currently daily driving a tia fourte noir.

Am deciding between these two iems:

1) Empire ears Odin
2) Vision Ears Phonix
3) Others: pls suggest

They are quite pricy and stuff so I wish to have some advice before plunging in.

Thanks in advance guys

My advice ... listen to them before you buy

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