emu 0404usb - line voltage drop-outs?
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Oct 10, 2008
anyone seeing this?

I'm using the 0404usb and its supplied switching 5v wallwart.

things work fine until I get some small line voltage (110vac) spike, even just turning something on in the same room causes a fraction of a section of a drop-out, like the regulator has NO storage at all to keep going thru small voltage dips.

its driving me nuts! making the dac (using it as a standalone dac, for now) unusable.

I'll try replacing that junky switcher with a real linear regu and some storage cap for usual 'buffering' but I've not seen a commercial product drop-out like that on every single tiny brown-out on the AC circuit.
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yep did the same for me-i turned on the lamp and heard static. using a different power strip now and the problem seems to be gone
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cheap-assed wallwarts. sigh.

I bet we'll see other reports coming in on this, too.

its REALLY sensitive; I've never seen anything like this. I have an extension cord along one wall socket that is on the same wall as my bed. if I even sit on the bed, it seems to move the line cord just ever so much that it causes a crackle or interruption in ANOTHER power strip, off of another wall socket! it drove me nuts trying to figure out why sitting on the bed would cause the dac to have dropouts (lol!)

this power supply is the worst I've ever seen. (and the plastic squeaky box for the unit itself, as well).

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