EMU 0404 USB as stand alone ADC
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Feb 9, 2008
Hi All,
I'm a lurker here b/c of the wide range of expertise with DACs. So I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I seem to have exhausted the knowledge or English of someone on the EMU worldwide help desk! VBG

Here's what I need to do. I have a Logitech Transporter that directly feeds my amps and onto the speakers. The Transporter acts as a preamp controlling the sources and volumn. Audio files come to the Transporter from a netserver in the basement. The problem is that its inputs are all digital--no anolog. I'd like to be able to input some analog sources so I need a simple way to convert the analog to digital before sending it to the Taransporter. Quality needs to be OK but nothing of audiophile level -- nothing expensive. I start reading about ADC and AD-DA units and find the 0404usb which reviews say can operate standalone. Great! Download the manual and read (pg19)

"S/PDIF to Analog / Analog to S/PDIF converter
The 0404 USB can be also used as a standalone S/PDIF -> Analog or Analog->S/PDIF converter.
Analog Input to S/PDIF: Attach analog device to Dock A/B (Left/Right); enable direct monitoring (set to S/PDIF). Analog input will be mirrored to S/PDIF out.
S/PDIF to Analog: Attach a S/PDIF source, power cycle the device, and set direct monitor to ?Main?."
and on page 21

"Direct Monitoring vs. Software Monitoring
Direct monitoring is lower latency and can also be used without software running (or even without a computer!)."

Wow, I think, a simple solution. Wondering what sample rate the ADC will output to the SPDIF and if I can control it by hooking up a computer setting it to say 96k and then disconnecting the computer. So I fire off an email to EMU service and I get back a statement that the 0404 can't work unless attached to the computer. I send them the above quotes and get the same response and then get this:

"By standalone, we mean that it is not doing anything else
other than being a converter - standalone converter.
Direct monitoring meaning - hardware direct monitoring - where the audio input is sent directly to the output and not requiring any software to do it."

I've ask them what a standalone converter does, its input and what its output is----no response.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone having an 0404usb could test this out for me. I guess you'd need the 0404 and a second DAC. Input an analog signal into the 0404 set the output to digital, then using the second DAC convert that back to analog. Then do the same with the usb disconnected. Follow up questions, if it works disconnected, can one set the sample rate and can one specify AES/EBU instead of Spdif and then disconnect the usb and retain the settings. The manual says there is a rom that retains settings after 5? seconds.

Maybe someone has already done this or does this with another unit. I'm all ears.

I know this is a big request but head-fi is the one place on the web where one can find lots of folks that have more than one dac.

Thanks for reading, George

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