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Two days ago I received the Pilgrim (retail) + Noir (sample) myself.

And as I also just finished reading the first 20 pages over here...
checking in....gif
...I thought it might be time to check in at this hotel thread now :smile:

Although they haven't had that much listening time (only a couple of hours) yet...

I certainly already did like what I heard (soundquality wise with both of them) so far! :)
Please share more, especially regarding the difference.
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This is just putting a Tanchjim Oxygen filter on the nozzles easy peasy.
Anyway we can get the Tanchjim Oxygen filter without buying the Tanchjim Oxygen? 😅
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Alright, I've got about 100 Hours on the OG Pilgrim and approx 40 on the Noir - I havent had a chance to do any critical listening or comparisons with the workload on my table BUT I can clearly say that with these hours, both of these units have settled down. I reported earlier that they work best with narrow bore tips; that with wide bore the treble came on too hot. I dont think this is placebo or psychoacoustic - today I move both units over to both Divinus Velvet and Azla Sedna Short and all that sizzle is gone. I have found my tips in the Velvets. I also just ordered a couple sets of EA ConX P Ear connectors so I can properly shoot these earphones out against each other. I've got a couple Eros S Cables here in addition the the one that came with Noir soI'll be able to go head to head with the same set up on both. I've been listening today on the Lotoo PAW6000 - one of the nice things about it is the fact that its a neutral device but also the power output on both the 3.5 and 4.4 jacks are the same so volume matching is reall easy. Even with casual listening Drum textures are exquisite and there is pretty good stage width on both units. I'm sensing a touch more bass on the Noirs, vocals seem to be more forward - female vocals in particular - and treble, cymbal strikes in particular seem to be gentler. What does that mean? What I'm trying to say is that all the notes I hear on the OG are present on the Noir, they just aren't as forward or aggressive (neither of those words are truly appropriate but I can't find a better one) The OG is an excellent IEM and an outstanding value - The Noire is a refinement. When the new ConX Pentaconn Ear Connectors show up I'll sit down with pen and paper and start making proper comparative notes. Burn 'em in - they pretty outstanding!
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sounds like I may have to pick up the Noir and sell the OG lol
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sounds like I may have to pick up the Noir and sell the OG lol
HA! Yes it never ends. Upgradeitis is a real affliction. If I hadn't heard the Noir I think I'd be happy with the OG - but - as my OG came with a 3.5 I would definitely upgrade the cable - it is worthy of a cable upgrade. And if one were to pick up the Noir, there's a refined Pilgrim with the Cable upgrade buit in.
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The Pilgrim: Noir have finally landed. Only been able to listen for a little bit and I am really liking these a lot. Should be a fun weekend of listening.

sounds like I may have to pick up the Noir and sell the OG lol

Knowing your taste (I think), yes.
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Ugh...just ordered the pilgrim. Should be here tomorrow.
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I don't think I would want the OG Pilgrim tamed down too much, coming from a treble sensitive person. I tried it with Oxygen filter and after 40+ hours the filters came off and now I think it just gets better and better 200 + hours in.
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Still waiting for my OG Pilgrim to arrive from CN to SG but at least it's shipped. Wondering how close the tuning will sound to the Monarch Mk3 which has also been described as U shaped.
To my ears the Pilgrim is more tame, and less fatiguing. The monarch mk3 is a fine set, but got tired very fast. Pilgrim is way more tactful and pleasant to my ears.

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Im a bit confused about the regular Pilgrim. Some people have described it at smooth whilst others have said its quite bright. Mark (@MRSallee) said he noticed the initial unit he tested at Canjam was brighter but the retail unit he received was less so, and his measurements show this. Elysian confirm that there were no alterations.

I have the Pilgrim on order but I'm a bit confused about what it actually sounds like, how can there be so many polarizing impressions about its treble presentation?

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