Electronic music fan wants gear recommendations
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New Head-Fier
Jun 8, 2013
I'd like to get recommendations on what new/different equipment I might enjoy.  Here is what I'm currently working with:
Music (ripped from CDs to apple lossless):
- Oakenfold 1994 essential mix
- Daft Punk
- DJ Tipper "Wobble Factor" (lots of bass)
- Digweed Northern Exposure
- Smashing Pumpkins (1990s)
- Blonde Redhead
- Infected Mushroom
- A little classical
Current equipment:
- Headroom Micro DAC & Micro amp (USB from iMac)
- Dacport amp (USB from macbook pro)
- Grado SR-80s w/ left channel that cuts in/out
- Grado SR-325s w/ scotch tape mod
- Sony MDR-V6 (I have to use these at work b/c my coworkers complained about the Grado sound leak).
- PIMETA portable amp
Equipment I'm considering:
- Headroom Desktop Power Supply (could I use this for higher end tube amps in the future? Does it really make a difference?)
- Sennheiser HD-600s (These seem like classics that a lot of people enjoy, and good for movies)
- Seenheiser HD-650s (Seems like these might be good for listening to electronica for extended periods)
- Audeze LCD2 / LCD3 (These seem like they may have more bass and be a true upgrade to the 325s.  They seem to get better reviews than other headphones in the $1000-$2000 range.)
- Tube amp (Woo WA-3?  Different sound and pretty lights.)
- Ultrasone 900 pro (lots of bass?)
Since I already have a pair of Grados, I'm not sure buying another pair at $500+ will get me that much more enjoyment.  It seems like for the extra $, you're getting a little softer sound from wood instead of metal and a bigger ear cushion (feel free to correct me).
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dec 16, 2011
grand rapids, mi
Have you looked to see if there are any Head-Fi meetups coming up in your area? That's a great way to get to sample some new equipment: http://www.head-fi.org/f/24/local-regional-head-fi-meets-parties-get-togethers

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