'Electioneering' should have been cut.
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i think i remember pitchfork saying the same thing...

Musically it does kind of take a little away from the albums overall style, but lyrically and conceptually it fits perfectly.

I believe "idioteque" has received similar criticism in kid a for being a little too "out there" from the rest of the album.

I like both of the songs, and think they may act as more of a climax to their respective albums than anything else. Interesting they are both track 8 in each album too. hmm
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but lyrically and conceptually

See, that probably has something to do with why I think this. I don't even know what the lyrics to Electioneering are about. I've listened to OK computer probably hundreds of times, but I don't know the lyrics. I don't pay attention to lyrics much any more.

Sometimes I feel dirty or that I'm missing out on an important dimension of the music. But it doesn't stop me from getting goosebumps at the good parts.

It might contribute to crazy ideas like thinking certain songs don't fit, though. If Electioneering were cut, Fitter Happier would become the new peak. Which is good because Fitter Happier kicks ass.
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I disagree as well, I like the album as a whole. IMHO Electioneering is a kick in the pants after the slow, soft and detailed Fitter Happier.

A Perfect Circle has a similar effect going from The Nurse Who Love Me to Pet on 13th Step, which I think is a cool soft/hard transition as well.
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electioneering is one of my favorite songs on ok computer.

same with idioteque on kid a.

leave it!
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Originally Posted by viator122
I think electioneering is one of the better songs on the album. Filter Happier is obviously one where I hit the fast-forward button. It may help advance the album thematically, but it's not pleasant to listen to. If a song were to be cut, I'd want that to be it.

You should make this a poll. Let people choose the weakest link in the album.

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How can you compare it to "Money"?

You saying Money is out of place?? huh? I Kick yo asss

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