EE Legend X, Nemesis | CA Solaris | Recommendation/Comparison?
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Feb 3, 2011

I would like to buy a new IEM. Looking for more bass and a mildly richer tone than my existing gear.

Current lineup is CA Andromeda and Jupiter. Full size is K701 and HD800.

Source is SP1000.

I've been told that the Legend X would be too much for me, and that the Nemesis might be the subtler option. I've also been told that the Solaris bass is not as capable as the Nemesis or Legend X.

Sadly, I can only demo the Solaris in a couple weeks, and will be unable to demo the EE's.

I'm thinking if I like the Solaris, and it is too bass light, perhaps a cable swap would make up the difference.

Looking for any insights that people can share from their experience with any of these headphones.
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You are right. The bass of Solaris might not be as deep as Legend X or Nemesis but I find this made Solaris sounds more balanced. Personally I prefer Solaris over Legend X because of its more balanced sounding. The details presentation is better.
I posted an impression for Solaris and I compared it with Legend X - Feel free to take a look :)
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I just tested Solaris vs Nemesis today@ CanJam London 2019.

Nemesis won it for me.
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Well, how much more bass are you looking for?

I don't remember how the K701 sounds, but the Andromeda, Jupiter, and HD800 aren't exactly bass cannons.
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To me Nemesis had sub bass delivery but no crappy bass boom

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