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Edmonton Head-Fi Mini-Meet Saturday July 26th 2014 at University of Alberta

  1. swich401
    Headphone Mini-Meet in Edmonton!!!

    1) Where?

    At the University of Alberta

    Room LB-13 in the basement of the Herbert T. Coutts library
    Education Centre South Building, University of Alberta
    Note: You will be proceeding through a library to get to room LB-13 in the lower floor; please be quiet while moving through the library until you get inside of room LB-13. Room is in a library, but is sealed off and pretty soundproof once door is closed so we can talk and listen to music inside the room without problems.

    Step by step once you enter the entrance doors:
    (Enter main doors, walk into library, turn right after security scanners, proceed through door on right, go down stairs, head through lower basement (LB) doors, head strait, room is on the right)
    There is parking directly outside of the Education building on campus, and some parking a bit more of a distance away:
    The $$$ is more expensive parking, the $$ is slightly less expensive (though still pretty darn expensive)

    Still can't find it; Call me (267-1702).

    2) When?

    July 26th, 2014
    4:00pm to 6:00 pm

    3) Who is all going?

    So far a very short list:
    1) Swich401 (me)
    2) Nate (not on Head-Fi)
    3) Malfunkt
    4) Couple other friends not on Head-Fi

    Please reply to this thread if you think you will make it, but even if you don’t confirm attendance swing by and check out the gear anyway.

    4 ) GEAR
    Gear that should be at this mini-meet:


    - Sennheiser HD800
    - Denon AH-D600
    - Sennheiser Amperior
    - Sennheiser HD-25
    - Sennheiser HD-650
    - Focal Spirit Professional


    - HiFiMan RE-400
    - Etymotic ER-4S

    - Anedio D2 AMP/DAC
    - Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2
    - Yamaha Audio Interface


    - Furman HDS-6
    - Bottlehead Mainline (with upgraded Electro-Harmonix tubes and upgrade Mundorf Silver-in-oil output caps)
    - Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2
    - Anedio D2 AMP/DAC
    - Bottlehead Crack (with output capacitor bypass upgrade and several different tubes to swap)
    - Cheap $50 Ebay tube amp

    Portable players

    - Sansa Clip+
    - Iphones
    - Android phone (Nexus S)
  2. Malfunkt
    Looking forward to i! See everyone tomorrow

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