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Edifier S2000 Pro - seeking opinions

  1. TidalWave
    Edifier S2000 Pro has received very good reviews:

    (longer list of reviews toward the bottom of this page: https://www.techspot.com/products/speakers/edifier-s2000-pro.163820/#reviews)

    Youtube comparison vs. A5+:
    The reviewer's personal opinion:

    "Styling of these two could not be any more different, Audioengine is modern and minimalistic while Edifier looks classic and elegant (as long as You keep the grilles off), both look good in their own way. Build quality is very good in both, both feel very solid and sturdy. Feature wise Edifier is better equipped one, it hosts Bluetooth connectivity, digital inputs (coax and toslink), XLR inputs and remote control. Audioengine also has remote control, but lacks any digital inputs. A5+ has one feature that S2000Pro lack and that is subwoofer output, which is nice. Edifier beats Audioengine in terms of self noise, S2000Pro is almost silent while Audioengine has audible hiss from tweeters.

    Soundwise there is not much between A5+ and S2000Pro, but I do have a favourite here and it is Edifier. Tonal balance is better in Edifier, it has flatter response with less peaks and valleys. Audioengine has an emphasis on upper midrange and treble and that makes them appear clearer, when is fact it is a matter of volume rather than real detail. Quality of treble is better in S2000Pro, it is smoother and more airy and detailed. Quality of midrange is solid in both but I find Edifier a bit more natural and easier on the ear thanks to less forward upper midrange. Bass is where, in my opinion, Edifier has the biggest advantage over Audioengine, S2000Pro is more extended and has stronger dynamic sla, while A5+ is also nicely extended but has a bit of boominess in the upper bass range and lacks a bit of punch. Edifier also has more 3D soundstage with more depth and precision.

    As You can see Edifier S2000 Pro is, at least in my opinion, better speaker that is worth a bit of extra money over Audioengine." (Except that actually they cost either the same in USA or Audioengine is more expensive with the bluetooth model and bamboo model).

    S2000 Pro cost the same as the MDF version of non-bluetooth Audioengine A5+ and come with real birch wood sides, a remote control, and bluetooth, among other inputs.

    That's fine, but I also like to see some actual user reviews on audio forums, not simply amazon reviews or article reviews. Various weaknesses and caveats can come out with usage experience. I like the planar magnetic tweeter bit (big fan of planar magnetic headphones), and the fact that I might not need a subwoofer for those--no plans for super powerful bass to be kind to my neighbor, but a reasonably good amount of bass is a plus.

    Size-wise, they are about the same as JBL 305p Mk II. These would be multi-purpose speakers for music / home theater sound. Likely not going on a desk.

    Edit: well, just as I had finished this post, I got a super deal on an A5+ DAC/stand combo, so I guess I'm all set now. But for educational purposes, I'm still curious about S2000 Pro.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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